Flying Low: 10 ways to get cheaper flights this season

All the tools you need to save cash when you go up, up and away

Thinking of leaving on a jet plane? Even if you’re not sure when you’ll be back again, you’ll probably want to get your tickets for as little as possible.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best flight comparison apps and websites, to help you save as much dosh as you can. And remember: you should always use comparison sites with your browser in incognito mode, that way they can’t trick you into panic buying by artificially raising prices when you return. These are the sites and apps we're using to find a cheap getaway this season...

*Additional words: Burhanuddin Kapasi; Khumail Thakur

1) Momondo

Pick your destination and Momondo will give you a full breakdown of it, including the average temperature and precipitation, as well as the price you should expect to pay depending on the time of the month.

It’ll also tell you the cheapest day to fly, what time to fly, and how far in advance you should book, before showing you some of the best deals available at that time. It really is a one-stop shop.

2) Skyscanner

One of the original flight comparison sites, Skyscanner will show you the cheapest and fastest routes to take to your chosen destination, sometimes combining airlines if necessary to knock down the price. You can exclude any you don’t like, add in stops, and, if you’re flexible about your departure and return dates, just pick the cheapest from a calendar.

If you’re feeling really flexible it’ll even show you a map of the world with prices over the major cities, so you can pick out your destination based on price alone.

3) Goibibo

Goibibo maybe India’s go-to travel website when it comes to low-cost hotel bookings, maybe. Apart from other travel options like - trains or buses. Flying is always the easiest, quickest but doesn't necessarily have to be the most expensive medium. Just fix your dates wisely and Goibibo’s algorithm will show you exactly when it’s most economical to fly in and out.

If you’re a student you might just get special fares for your travels (depends on flight availability). Oh, but you’ll need a valid college/school ID card, don’t try faking one through Photoshop.

4) Easemytrip

Traveling is supposed to be easy, fun and stressless. As the name says it all, EaseMyTrip could be the one website to manage all the booking shenanigans such as flights, hotels and holiday packages. You save your pocket from crying and breathe in bliss with a five day trip to Manali starting at ₹7,500!

Oh, look out for their international and national holiday tours and packages, where you can customise your itinerary if you've got too many fusses and wants.

5) Kayak

Kayak’s comprehensive price comparison gives you stacks of filters to play with once you’ve entered your dates and a destination. Not only can you pick which airlines you prefer, you can choose types of plane, exclude red-eye flights and more.

If you’re not quite ready to buy you can turn on email alerts for price tracking, although it will tell you when you search whether they’re likely to change.

6) MakeMyTrip

Indians love offers, free trips, coupons and gift vouchers. If you’re that kind of Indian who feeds off these ‘offers’ and wants everything at the best price than the rest, guess what? MakeMyTrip has plenty of offers, discounts and live deals waiting for you to apply it to your next flight, hotel, bus or train booking. Keep your eyes on the lookout, but don’t get too tempted though.

If you’re travelling for work purposes, the MyBiz section lets you change dates and switch meals for free and other benefits too. Well after all, they are India’s leading travel website as of right now.

7) Google Flights

While it doesn’t necessarily always find you the very cheapest flights, trusty old Google is one of the fastest ways to quickly gauge how much a journey is likely to set you back.

Head to Google Flights, tell it where you want to go and when, and it’ll pick out five of the cheapest flights, usually far quicker than any of the other sites on this list. From there you can delve deeper into the data, with a graph indicating how you can save money by shifting your dates to a different time.

8) Yatra

If you’re really bad at making plans and coughing up detailed itineraries look no further than Yatra. Apart from fixing air tickets, there’s also a section with detailed packages for planned holidays.

Even for a busy corporate junkie, the weekend package is detailed with hotel bookings and transport fares which can be tweaked depending on your choice with EMI options to ease the sting on your bank account.

9) Cleartrip

Cleartrip instantly aggregates flight tickets and also shows if they’re cheaper than the usual fare. Nothing too interesting right? Wrong! Snoop over to their Flash Sale section and find flight tickets as low as ₹999 on domestic flights. You can set Cleartrip to nudge you whenever a new flash sale is around the corner.

There’s plenty to find for international flights as well with upto ₹3,000 in cash back across all flights and take a look at the partner section to avail more discounts and cashbacks to cut the cost even more.