The first 9 things you should do with your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

6) Choose your app drawer preference

Want quick access to your litany of apps? Samsung allows you to pick how you open the app drawer. You can either have the default option of hitting the drawer icon at the bottom of the screen, or enable it so a simple swipe up or down will do the job. To find these options head to Settings > Display > Home Screen. Now give Apps Button a prod and you’ll be able make your choice.

Just converted from an iPhone and feeling homesick? If you go to Home Screen Layout you’ll be able ditch the app drawer and have all your apps spread across multiples homescreens instead.

7) Set up Game Launcher

Samsung’s handy Game Launcher app is a brilliant control centre for all of your mobile games. Not only will it declutter your app drawer by sucking in all your game shortcuts, but it also offers a high performance mode to boost the S9’s power to the max. Or if it the battery life starts to lag, you can switch to ‘save power’ mode.

It’s also useful for muting games, but not your ringer, so you won’t miss that important phone call. Or if you’d rather be left alone while you’re in the middle of a racer, you can mute all other phone notifications while you play.

To set it up go to Settings > Advanced Features > Games. Then hit the slider for Game Launcher and you’ll get the option of making a shortcut for the app so it’s quick and easy to begin your next gaming session.

8) Customise your audio with Adapt Sound

With Samsung’s Adapt Sound feature you can fiddle with the audio settings create a custom EQ profile personalised for your lugs only. This can make your tracks sound crisper, clearer and more precise.

How do you do this? Head to Settings > Sounds and Vibration > Sound quality and effects, then scroll down to Adapt Sound. It will ask for your age and then run you through a series of sound tests that involve listening to beeps and various pitches, so make sure you’re in a quiet space instead of a rowdy office.

Once completed you’ll get a custom EQ setting tweaked especially for you.

9) Search for anything on your phone

Struggling to track down Instagram now you’ve filled your S9 with an army of apps? Fortunately you can use a search bar to track down anything, from apps to calendar appointments.

First of all though, you’ll need to find the search bar itself. It’s hidden in the app drawer, on the top of the screen. So just swipe down from the homescreen (or tap the app drawer icon if you've got it enabled) and it will pop into view. Now there’s no need to waste time scrolling through every app you own.