The first 8 enhanced games to play in 4K on the Xbox One X

Pop these glossed-up beauties into your new super-console

Microsoft has developed the most powerful games console in existence, and you can buy it starting today: it's the Xbox One X.

Yes, it's still an Xbox One at heart, and it'll work with the same games and peripherals as the original Xbox One and last year's 4K-upscaling Xbox One S. But the Xbox One X packs in a heap of extra raw processing power, turning out eye-melting 4K/HDR experiences that you can savour… assuming you have a 4K TV, of course.

But you'll only see the big visual boost if an Xbox One game is enhanced for the new console, and not every game offers that – or has been patched to support it at this point. Looking for a few games to showcase the ₹44,990 console right now? Here are the eight that we recommend starting with.

Additional words by Rob Leedham

This year: Minecraft

Those blocks just got upgraded, big time. While Minecraft might not seem a perfect fit for 4K gaming, Microsoft's Super Duper Graphics pack adds a whole new level of fidelity to the global phenomenon - without losing the rough charm that made it so special in the first place.

Draw distance is the real boon for Xbox One X owners here, but those new water effects really are lovely too. And it's not like we really need any extra prodding to fire up Minecraft and dig into a brand new world.


Likewise, Assassin's Creed Origins makes Ubisoft's worn-out franchise feel like a breath of fresh air again, thanks to taking a year off, delivering a bold new setting in Ancient Egypt, and reworking the parts of the game that had grown tired and stale.

It's absolutely gorgeous, and this is the kind of game you'll definitely want to experience on the best hardware you can wrap your mitts around. The Xbox One X brings 4K and HDR support to the experience, ensuring that the game looks as crisp and colourful as it can on your TV.