Father’s Day 2019: 7 gift ideas for your aging superhero

Want to thank your main man? These treats ought to do it

Every time we come home late, our old man welcomes us with a big scowl as if we’d just pulled out his nose hair. Ouch!

Time to win some brownie points this Father’s day. There’s just one problem - nowadays, it feels like every day is some kind of day. Not like Monday or Tuesday. But, you know, International Axe Throwing Day. Or World Naked Gardening Day.

As days go, though, Father’s Day is a pretty good one to celebrate. Because, sure, your dad might like the odd streak around the garden, but he does a whole lot of useful stuff, too.

So forget the time he ruined your haircut and put that embarrassing birthday speech in the past: June 16 is the day to celebrate the man that made you – however weird he is.

How? Go to the pub. Make him a card. Tell him you love him. Or buy him something from this list. Whatever you do, keep him away from those axes.