Drop everything and download: Giphy Says

Make your words into GIFs with this nifty app

My words? Into GIFs? They’re different formats! What cross-dimensional malevolence is this?

Surely you’ve heard of the new-fangled words-to-GIFs conversion format, pioneered by TalkyPictures? OK, we made that up - but this type-tastic app by Giphy will plaster your well-chosen words over pictures. All you have to do is talk.

All I have to do is talk?

We literally just said exactly that. What are you, a looping, text-based image of some kind? Interestingly enough, that does happen to be exactly what Giphy Says will kick out, with your silent face repeatedly mouthing the prose you just pronounced.

Text is so last century. I’m all about emojis now.

Well, we’re sorry for you. Still, if you insist on using tiny, simplified symbols to communicate the depth of your human emotion, Giphy Says is on your side. Besides speech bubbles and big font, it can try to translate your speech into a sentence constructed entirely of little icons. Because why not.

Can it actually tell what I’m saying, though?

Generally it does a pretty good job, yes. Sentences tend to come out a little short and, like any speech recognition system it does make the odd error - only it’s funnier here, because that error appears in big, white writing on an image of your face that will loop forever. The hilarity! The Hillary! The hat rally!

What am I supposed to do with all of these moving portraits?

What do you do with any GIF? Put it on the internet, of course. Position the speech bubble or text, hit share and you’ll have an endless babble perfect for flinging at the web. The app is available for free on iOS, and might well hit Android soon, as other Giphy apps have.