Christmas Gift Guide 2018: 15 gadget gift ideas for gamers

Level up your festive season with these button-bashing gifts

It was easy, at first: you just bought them a console, put them in front of the TV and left them to it while the grown-ups fought over a not-so-friendly game of Monopoly.

Now, things have changed. That starter pack of games has grown old. One controller simply isn't enough. Even that themed charging cable has started to fade.

Fend off a festive gaming nightmare with these thumb-mashing gift ideas – certain to entertain streamers and dreamers alike.

From headphones and controllers to mugs, jumpers and, yes, a small dragon, there’s something here for everyone – though probably nothing that can stop Uncle Pete insisting on “just one more” round of COD.

*Additional words: Chris Rowlands

PlayStation Classic (£90; around ₹8,000)

What’s Christmas if not a time for sitting round the fire and reminiscing about the good old days? You know, when video game graphics were terrible and a freezing disc meant the end of your play?

Take the throwback chat a step further with this retro revival from Sony: smaller than the original but every bit as blocky, the grey-on-grey PlayStation Classic ships with 20 of the biggest titles from the console’s heyday – think Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, Rayman and more – as well as two wired controllers and an HDMI cable.

*Note: This is not directly available in India so you'll have to get it shipped from the UK or US

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit (£60; around ₹5,500)

Crafting crazy creations from leftover cardboard is as much of a Christmas tradition as leaving carrots out for Santa. So why buy more of the stuff from Nintendo?

Well, for one thing, it's much less messy than going at it with the safety scissors on the living room carpet.

And, if you’ve got a Switch handy, those sheets will fold into remarkable sets that interact with your Ninty machine – from motorbike handlebars to a fishing rod to a piano – in a glorious fusion of corrugated paper and portable console.

*Note: This is not directly available in India so you'll have to get it shipped from the UK or US