Christmas Gift Guide 2017: 20 gadget gift ideas for Apple fans


Apple might have stuck its best ever camera on the iPhone 7, but the iPhone 6 camera is not bad either.

With two lenses for your Apple baby, this versatile set will take iSnappers from new age novices to pro kit photogs in less time than it takes to snap a selfie.

The lenses offer wide angle and macro capacities - covering just about every eventuality. It has a patented physical shutter button and is compatible with both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Buy the Bitplay Snap here

Nifty Drives MiniDrive for 13in MacBook Air (₹5,098)

There’s no point wasting words on the usefulness of USB sticks. But, no matter how tiny the plug-in, it still pokes out - ruining the precision-crafted lines of your MacBook.

Sick of sticks obstructing those sleek edges? This microSD adaptor slips into the SD slot of your notebook and sits completely flush. Ah, that’s better.

Buy the Nifty Drives MiniDrive here

Twelve South PlugBug World Travel Charger (₹3,600)

Tokyo to New York, London to Berlin - and a few places in between: that’s a lot of adaptors to keep track of when you’ve got far too many important business things to worry about.

Take the hassle out of travelling with this multi-country adaptor that slots onto your existing MacBook charger, bestowing it with a USB socket to boot. It beats miming "new charger, please" in the Moscow Apple Store.

Buy the Twelve South PlugBug World Travel Charger here

House of Quirk Apple Watch band (From ₹699)

Burning off the festive food ain’t no simple slog – especially if you’ve got room full of iKit to enjoy. Pick up an Apple Band for a Watch-toting mince pie muncher to give them a gerund to their behind.

Buy the House of Quirk Apple Watch band here

Best sweaty tech

LEEF IBRIDGE 3 (From ₹4,790)

So long, 128GB iPhone. As we curse the inadequate capacity of our 64GB model, shaking our fist at those flush enough to afford the 256GB iteration, we'll mourn your retirement with sadness. We might even tweet a crying emoji.

If you'd rather be happy this Christmas, though, you could pick up Leef's iBridge 3. A memory stick that plays nice with Lightning ports, it'll expand your Apple smartphone's storage by anything from 16GB to 256GB. Sure, it's a bit of a bulky solution - but it beats the weeping.

Buy the Leef iBridge 3 here from Amazon India

Apple Pencil (₹8,049)

There are plenty of scribbling sticks for iPad, but Apple blew everything else out of the water with its generically named Pencil. The svelte stylus is sensitive to pressure and tilt, great for sweeping curves through to subtle shading, and artists argue rival kit is comparatively like drawing with a bar of soap while wearing boxing gloves.

The recipient needs an iPad Pro (not a regular iPad Air or mini) to make use of the Pencil, note. And probably also a keen memory, so they don’t lose the little cap that covers up the Lightning connector for charging the thing.

Buy the Apple Pencil here 

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock (₹6,950)

Pretty as it is, there comes a time when every Watch-wearer must unfasten their beloved for some much-needed battery boosting. Thankfully, this sleek stand from Apple means your trusty time-teller need never be further than the bedside table.

Lay your lugger flat or stack it sideways for automatic Nightstand niceness, as the deliciously designed donut delivers juice to your Watch by the power of magic (and inductive charging).

Buy the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock here


Tired of your forlorn friend uselessly thrusting the 3.5mm jack of their old headphones at the rectangular Lightning port of their new iPhone? Put an end to their misshapen misery with Libratone's Q adapt earphones. 

Lightning-equipped, the buds also have a nifty noise-cancelling trick that'll let your friend control just how much of the outside world they'd like to hear.

Buy the Libratone Q Adapt earphones from Amazon 

Satechi Type-C USB 3.0 3 in 1 Combo Hub (₹6,325)

Does your nearest and dearest have a new MacBook Pro, a depleted bank balance, and a glum expression on realising none of their legacy kit will plug into their shiny new computer? Satechi’s combo hub is the answer.

Available in silver, gold or space grey, the unit sits snugly next to a Mac, transforming one USB-C port into three old-school USB 3.0 ports, and lobbing in SD and Micro SD slots, too. And all you need to do is convince whoever you’re buying it for they don’t need anything of the sort until Christmas.

Buy Satechi Type-C USB 3.0 3 in 1 Combo Hub here

Brydge Mini (₹10,923)

This little key-tapper transforms an iPad Mini 1, 2 or 3 from a content-consuming device to one that’s actually productive. It’s made from aluminium for a premium look and finish, and its keys are backlit for late-night typing, too. Three months of use on a single charge isn’t bad either.

Buy the Brydge Mini keyboard here 

Satechi USB 3.0 USB Type C to 3.0 USB-A (₹2,199)

Unlike Apple’s dongle, Satechi’s adapter is tiny. And the loop means that the recipient can leave one on their key-ring, so they’ll never be out in the field and suddenly realise they can’t plug something important into their Mac. Well, unless they lose their keys, but at that point they’ve got bigger problems.

Buy the Satechi USB 3.0 USB Type C to 3.0 USB-A here