Christmas Gift Guide 2017: 17 gift ideas for fitness fanatics

Zepp Tennis kit (₹8,921)

It won’t stop the dreaded tennis elbow, but the nifty smart racket mount in this motion-monitoring kit might just make you more Murray than misery.

iOS and Android compatible, it syncs via bluetooth to capture every swing and volley, then feeds back on your courtside performance. It might sound a little too Wii-mote for serious servers, but once the Zepp starts telling you just how powerful (or not) that forearm is you’ll be lunging for your next statistics fix.

Buy the Zepp Tennis 3D Motion Sensor here

In’ride 100 home trainer (₹6999)

There are two reasons you’d want to buy this, either you love cycling but you’re too lazy to get out or you just want to be cool. Attach your back wheel to the In’Ride 100 and you're good to go, no where.

This is a cool replacement for those boring cycling machines you see at the gym. You can adjust and tighten the lever for difficulty and ease.

Note - You need to have an actual cycle for this. No it doesn't come with it, silly.


Buy the In'Ride 100 Home Trainer here from Decathon

Moov Now (₹5999)

The Moov Now not only counts your steps, but also detects sleep, counts your exercise reps, follows exercises and also tells you to move your lazy bottom if you’re sitting on that couch all day long.

It’s basically your virtual gym trainer wanting to be your new workout guru. It fully relies on your smartphone though, but its activity tracking is impeccably accurate.

It can also pair with 3rd party heart rate monitors for even better muscle making monitoring. Get this bugger for ₹5999 from the link below.


Buy the Moov Now here from Flipkart

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor (₹21,581)

The thought of beating the crowds to the gym in the morning might get your heart racing, but Withings' wireless blood pressure monitor is all about giving you blood pressure smarts in your sitting room.

Forget dinky pulse rate monitors on silicone smartbands: this portable and mobile-syncing measurer tracks systolic and diastolic BP, and also detects irregular heart beats, monitoring how it changes during the day – ideal for the scientific-minded sportsman in your pub clan.

Buy the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor here

Garmin Vivosmart 3 (₹13,990)

The Garmin Vivosmart 3 is a fitness band with several personalities. It’s a step counter. It’s a semi-hardcore fitness band. It’s a basic smartwatch. Heck, it’s even a mindful coach. All of this fits into an innocuous black band that lasts most of a week between charges.

The Vivosmart 3 does most things well enough to make it one of the richest, most useful fitness bands out there. Perfect for your fitness fanatic friends this christmas.

Buy the Garmin Vivosmart 3 here from Flipkart