Christmas Gift Guide 2017: 17 gift ideas for fitness fanatics

Nike Zoom Fly (₹14,995)

Nike’s running shoes may seem a bit pricey, but trust us, they’ll give a good run for its money. These shoes are made for you everyday runners. It’s designed to be light and fly, making your runs feel like a Sonic collecting coins and defeating bosses. Made with Nike’s proprietary tech, these Zoom Flys can make you zoom past participants in your next marathon.

Buy these if you love running and if you’re injury prone, ‘cause these take care of that achilles heel. Sorted right? Buy link is below.


Buy the Nike Zoom Fly here from Nike India

Skechers GoRun 5 (from ₹7999)

The Go Run 5 is Skechers Performance's latest running shoe, designed to be light and firm. It’s ideal for running, especially marathons. It's got new tech for better flexibility, agility and durability. It’s available at the nearest Skechers showroom - ₹8,999 for men and ₹7,999 for women.


Know someone who actively participates in marathons? Make their Christmas by gifting this pair to him or her.


Buy the Skechers Go Run 5 here from Flipkart


Polar M600 (₹34,032)

Can’t decide whether to get your beloved runner a fitness band or a GPS watch? Give them something that combines the two, instead. The M600 takes the 24/7 activity tracking of a Fitbit and combines it with GPS logging in a sleek, wrist-mounted shell.

Better still, it's been fitted with heart rate monitoring - strap free. Throw in the power of Android Wear, for nifty notifications as you sweat, and you've got a real pace-setter.

Buy the Polar M600 here

Money where your muscle is

UA SpeedForm® Velociti Record-Equipped (₹9721)

Sometimes, runners just want to sprint free from the faff of fitness bands and smartphones. If this sounds like your free-spirited but data-obsessed friend, get them these: a pair of unisex trainers that come with a Bluetooth foot-pod for tracking distance, speed and pace.

Once their wearer is back home, the trainers will automatically fire a record of the workout to the Map My Run app. And, unlike sports watches, you don’t need to charge them either: the sensor will last for the lifetime of the shoes - or around 500 miles of pavement pounding.

Fenix HL350 365 Lumen light (₹4,000)

Winter runs are exhilarating, but the evening dark also makes parks feel like a terrifying level from Limbo. Here to reveal that, no, that tree isn’t a giant spider and, yes, you are about to collide with a park bench, is this versatile headtorch. It ticks all the right boxes for running: lightweight (56.7g), made of durable aircraft-grade aluminium, fox-startlingly bright (365 lumens with 3 standard lighting modes) and waterproof upto 2 meters for 30 minutes.

Buy Fenix HL50 365 Lumen light here