Christmas Gift Guide 2017: 17 gift ideas for fitness fanatics

Goqii (from ₹1999)

You want to get fit, but you're not motivated enough. You went to gyms but trainers are expensive. What must one do? Get the Goqii fitness band. It’s basically a gym trainer on your wrist. These are actual human qualified doctors who track your activity and give you routines and your own diet. So it’s not an actual fitness band, it’s something more than that.

There are 3 subscription plans available at a subscription cost of ₹1999 for 3 months, ₹2999 for 6 months and ₹3999 for 12 months respectively. Earn some Karma points whilst you’re at it. You give, you get. Simple.

Buy the Goqii here from Goqii

Mobot (From ₹6,952)

If you’ve ever managed to include a foam roller workout in your gym sessions, you’ll know that it’s like chain oil for your muscles. The hardest part (apart from rolling over an agonisingly tight calf) is actually remembering to take one with you to the gym. 

That’s where this ingenious bit of convergence comes in: the Mobot is a water bottle combined with a muscle-loosening roller. There’s no connection with Mo Farah, but use it regularly and you might just smash your middle distance PB.  

Buy the Mobot here

Sol Republic Relays (₹6,500)

It’s hard enough finding the right pair of running headphones for your own ears, let alone someone else’s. Thankfully, the sweat-proof Relays are a safe bet for most shell-likers, thanks to an adaptable outer ring that moulds to the shape of your ear. Oh, and they sound great too.

Buy Sol Republic Relays here