Christmas Gift Guide 2017: 17 gift ideas for fitness fanatics

Feel the festive burn with these sweat-inducing gifts

Christmas might be the season of excess, but that's all the more reason to encourage some chilly sport sessions.

Be it springy shoes or wrist-wrapping trackers, we've got the gifts stock full of fitness smarts to turn too much Turkey into rippling washboard abs. OK, so we're not guaranteeing anything, but at least you'll look darn fine as you wheeze your way back to the sofa for another box set and slice of Yule log.

Jabra Elite sport (₹18,999)

Need a new pair of wireless in-ears for your evening run? The Jabra Elite sport ought to do it. Not fully waterproof though, but they’ll manage to bear your sweat and mild rain showers. Just stick em in your ears, pair ‘em to your phone and get those playlists cracking.Get these for eighteen grand a pair and you’ll begin to wonder why wires were even made. God, how we hate tangles. Read our review before you get these sticklers for Christmas.


Buy the Jabra Elite Sport here from Headphone Zone

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro (₹13,590)

It's common to buy a fitness tracker that costs less than 10k. Cos, what if you prefer Netflixin' than running after you've already bought the damn thing. But what if you want a slightly better upgrade from that rotting fitness band that isn't fit anymore. Then what? Then, you chip in a little more and buy Samsungs newest Gear Fit2 Pro. It's much better than the older Fit2, with swimming abilities and much more. Samsung's also got an elder sibling in the Gear series at a much higher cost- the Gear Sport (₹22,990)

Grab this smarty this Christmas or for your new year's resolution. Could be both too. 

Buy the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro here from Samsung India 

Sennheiser CX 7.00BT (₹11990)

The Sennheiser CX 7.00 BTs are very large-sounding, making them the most immersive, involving pair going at the price - particularly if you’re using them casually rather than sitting down with a pipe in an easy chair and doing nothing but listening. The sound is rich, with a luxury veneer that charms the ear.

If you’re willing to spend a little more from your Santa bonus, we’d ask you to get these wireless performers.


Misfit Shine 2 (₹5,549)

One of the thinnest activity trackers around, Misfit's second Shine is made from aircraft-grade aluminium. Aside from being quite a looker, its waterproof body also means you can take it for a dip - in addition to tracking your running, cycling and sleep. Vibration alerts are on hand to shift the inactive, too.

Its replaceable 6-month button cell battery puts paid to recharging worries, whilst the sleek iOS companion app magically syncs up to it when you place it against the screen.

Buy the Misfit Shine 2 here

Camelbak Classic Hydration Backpack 2 Litre (₹4,899)

If you're going through this much water cycling or running then we bow to your superior fitness.

With a built-in pocket for keys, phones and energy gels, along with a straw for sipping on some much-needed water while running, the CamelBak Classic will be an important tool in your long-distance arsenal.

Buy the Camelbak Classic Hydration Backpack 2 Litre here