Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 9 gift ideas for adrenaline junkies

Heart-pumping presents for festive thrill-seekers

Christmas is a truly dull affair. No bungee jumps. No swimming with sharks. Just baubles, telly and a whole lot of wrapping paper.

If the thought of Santa shimmying down the chimney isn’t enough to keep your heart pumping, throw some thrills into the festive mix with our exhilerating gift guide.

From super fast Go-karts to windsurfing lessons, adrenaline junkies need look no further for sweaty palms on the 25th.

GoPro Hero 5 Session (₹29,500 )

Remember that time you went Nessie-hunting? And you actually saw what you thought might or might not have been the actual monster in the actual Loch Ness? Sadly, nowadays a charcoal drawing and a lot of insistence simply isn't enough to prove your exploits.

Put paid to evidential regret by picking up GoPro's pocket-sized Hero 5 Session. 4K-equipped and truly tough, its one-button interface makes capturing a cinch, whilst smart video stabilisation should help tackle your excited shaking as you scream, "I got it! I got it!"

Buy the GoPro Hero 5 Session here

Puma F116 Skin Mid SF (₹8,999)

Love you look fast even when stationary?

Allow Puma do take lead, the F116 Skin Mid SF look like you are about to break the lap record at Monza and with a Ferrari logo on the side, your competitiors will shiver. Perfect for throttle junkies.

Buy the Puma F116 Skin Mid SF here

Bop It! XT (₹11,599)

Forget extreme sports. For true heart-pounding pleasure, there's no more intense way to play than Bop It!. Sure, it looks like an innocent toy - albeit one adorned with various bits of oddly shaped plastic - but fire it up and you're in for a thrill.

"Pull it! Flick it! Twist it!" You won't have time to titter as the orders come thicker and faster, your ticker thrumming with adrenaline as the tempo increases. One wrong move and - breathe - it's all over. Time for a whisky, whilst your 5-year-old relative trounces your score.

Buy the Bop It! XT here

Quest Expeditions (From ₹3,500)

The best gift you can give an adrenaline junky is the gift of experience.

So the next time you hit the beach, don't just feed that thriving pot belly. Indulge yourself in some electrifying water sports instead. Quest Expeditions has just the right tools to help you pick up a new set of aquatic skills.

Try all the watersport activities by Quest-Expeditions here

AGV K5 Multi-transformer (₹27,500)

It's all well and good having the gear to get your adrenaline pumping, but one quick tumble and it's off to broken teeth and bandages.

No matter what your friends say about your mug, it’s worth a lot more than you’d think. Gift something special, like the AGV K5. It’s lightweight, comfortable and comes with a built-in sun visor.

Buy the AGV K5 Multi-transformer here

Two-wheeled presents

Smaaash SkyKart (From ₹400)

If you need to get your wallop of adrenaline rush within Mumbai city, the place to head to is Smaash. Here, the karts are all electric but that doesn't mean they will be any slower, no, not one bit.

Try the Smaaash SkyKart here

Lindt Excellence Chilli Intense Chocolate (₹324)

"Fear? Pah, I eat fear for breakfast."

Once your adventurous pal has finished their morning meal, pass them one of these for afters to truly test their mettle. Sure to give even the hardiest of thrill-seekers the sweats, these spicy sweets are no Belgian truffle. In fact, it might be worth putting out some milk for them, instead of Santa.

Buy Lindt Excellence Chilli Intense Chocolate here

Make The Most of Your Time On Earth 3 (From ₹579)

Making the most of life is the andrenaline junkie's mantra. That, and "always have health insurance".

Pick up this Rough Guides book and you'll never be short of inspiration for your next death-defying adventure. In this third edition, you'll find sights and experiences to take your breath away - and, if it all looks a bit tame, you can always pack a wingsuit.

Buy Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth 3 here