Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 16 gift ideas for fitness fanatics

Feel the festive burn with these sweat-inducing gifts

Christmas might be the season of excess, but that's all the more reason to encourage some chilly sport sessions.

Be it springy shoes or wrist-wrapping trackers, we've got the gifts stock full of fitness smarts to turn too much Turkey into rippling washboard abs. OK, so we're not guaranteeing anything, but at least you'll look darn fine as you wheeze your way back to the sofa for another box set and slice of Yule log.

JBL Reflect Aware (₹23,517)

If there's one thing more annoying than sweating hard despite the bitter chill of the British winter, its other people being noisy in parks. Don't they know you're trying to have a peaceful path romp?

Thankfully, these sound-isolating earbuds from JBL will do just the trick to seal out the sounds. Adaptive noise control tech means you can control just how much of the outside world gets in, whilst reflective elements mean you'll be seen - if not heard.

The best bit? They're Apple Lightning-equipped, so if you've been gifted an iPhone 7, you'll have no problem plugging them in.

Buy JBL Reflect Aware headpones here

Sol Republic Relays (₹5,299)

It’s hard enough finding the right pair of running headphones for your own ears, let alone someone else’s. Thankfully, the sweat-proof Relays are a safe bet for most shell-likers, thanks to an adaptable outer ring that moulds to the shape of your ear. Oh, and they sound great too.

Buy Sol Republic Relays here

Mobot (From ₹6,952)

If you’ve ever managed to include a foam roller workout in your gym sessions, you’ll know that it’s like chain oil for your muscles. The hardest part (apart from rolling over an agonisingly tight calf) is actually remembering to take one with you to the gym. 

That’s where this ingenious bit of convergence comes in: the Mobot is a water bottle combined with a muscle-loosening roller. There’s no connection with Mo Farah, but use it regularly and you might just smash your middle distance PB.  

Buy the Mobot here

Fenix HL350 365 Lumen light (₹4,000)

Winter runs are exhilarating, but the evening dark also makes parks feel like a terrifying level from Limbo. Here to reveal that, no, that tree isn’t a giant spider and, yes, you are about to collide with a park bench, is this versatile headtorch. It ticks all the right boxes for running: lightweight (56.7g), made of durable aircraft-grade aluminium, fox-startlingly bright (365 lumens with 3 standard lighting modes) and waterproof upto 2 meters for 30 minutes.

Buy Fenix HL50 365 Lumen light here

Polar M600 (₹34,032)

Can’t decide whether to get your beloved runner a fitness band or a GPS watch? Give them something that combines the two, instead. The M600 takes the 24/7 activity tracking of a Fitbit and combines it with GPS logging in a sleek, wrist-mounted shell.

Better still, it's been fitted with heart rate monitoring - strap free. Throw in the power of Android Wear, for nifty notifications as you sweat, and you've got a real pace-setter.

Buy the Polar M600 here

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