Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 15 gadget gift ideas for travellers

Father off to find himself in the backwaters of Kerela? Uncle Sharma going on a bike ride to the Himalayas? These are the gifts they'll love

Ah, travel - truly the tonic of the soul. Reclining on some faraway beach, Mojito in hand; trekking up a rugged mountain slope to catch the sunrise; haring it down an America highway in a drop-top: whatever tickles your far-flung fancy, there's no better answer to winter blues.

That is, until your battery runs out, your shampoo gets all over your toothbrush and you buy so many clothes that you run out of space to bring them home.

We feel your pain. That's why we've compiled this list of the top tech for footloose festive flyers.

Wildcraft Gangotri Plus Rucksack (₹6,995)

Travelling will require you to carry your own troubles and weight. Thankfully there is a rucksack that accomodates all. 

Not only will it accommodate all your essentials and stay steady and light on the back of your bike, it’s the perfect companion for tedious treks as well.

Buy the Wildcraft Gangotri Plus Rucksack here

Amazon Kindle (₹5,999)

Time was, taking your entire hardback collection on holiday used to attract a fortune in overweight luggage fees. Thankfully, at just 161g, the most basic Kindle won't cost you a penny extra to carry - and its Tardis-like capacity means should be able to stock a library of knowledge, right in your carry-on.

Buy the Kindle here

Start a fire

Victorinox Swisscard (₹2,050)

"What on earth would I need a penknife for? I'm only going to Marbella for a long weekend!"

Well, best of luck to you. In any case, this nifty set of tools from Victorinox - long-time suppliers to the Swiss Army - packs a barrage of useful bits and bobs into a package the size of a credit card, so you'll never be short of the right pointy bit.

As well as a letter opener, scissors and a nail file, it also comes with tweezers, for the inevitable bar stool splinter. Just be sure to check you can take it in your cabin bag.

Buy the Victorinox Swisscard here

Bose QuietComfort 35 (₹29,363)

Yes, they're a bit pricey. But, yes, they're also arguably the best in-flight 'cans money can buy.

Comfortable and sweet-sounding to boot, the Bluetooth-enabled QC35s also pack a battery good for 20 hours - which should more than cover any long-haul hop.

Buy the Bose QuietComfort 35 here

Twist Plus World Adapter (₹1,999)

It’s one of the great mysteries of modern times: why are hotel rooms so stingy when it comes to plug sockets?

Thankfully, Twist Plus World Adapter speaks the language of electricity in 150 different countries. With four USB ports to plug your various chargers into and a bay underneath to slot a MacBook charger into, only a room with no leccy at all will defeat you.

Buy the Twist Plus World Adapter here