Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 10 gift ideas for Xbox gamers

Microsoft fan in your household? Gift them one of these accessories for a happy Xbox Xmas

It was easy, at first: you just bought them a console, put them in front of the TV and left them to it.

Now, though, things have changed. That starter pack of games has grown old. One controller simply isn't enough. Even the broadband isn't quick enough.

Fend off a festive Xbox nightmare with these gaming gifts - guaranteed* to put a smile on the face of any Xbox gamer.

*Not guaranteed

Lego Minecraft – The Jungle Tree House (₹7,012)

Minecraft – the video game that replaced Lego as the ultimate creative tool for children – is now available in Lego form. That’s right, we’ve now gone full circle. Still, this is an excellent gift for Minecraft obsessors, with the Lego kit complete with a waterfall. Best of all, the included Skeleton aren’t capable of real destruction, so your creations should be safe and sound.

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While your Xbox One controller may be perfect for gunnin’ down aliens and Nazis, it’s not quite as practical for Netflix navigating and TV browsing. This remote provides a handy alternative which is a pro at seeking out season two of Stranger Things. Take note, though, to use the remote for controlling your TV and volume, you’ll need the Kinect sensor. It has its uses after all.

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Control freak wall art (from ₹170)

It might not be easy to pull your dear Xbox gamer out of their room, so you can add a bit of art to their sloppy bedroom arrangement and eyebrow-raising food habits.

Ok, it might not get them on the treadmill but it will surely bring some aesthetic appeal to their little bat cave. You can pick the same artwork from small poster size to a wall hugging canvas. It's available in different shapes and sizes. 

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Xbox One Wireless Controller - Gears of War 4 Limited Edition - (₹10,513)

Gifting an extra controller to your Xbox loving buddy is the most basic option in the list, why not make it special?

The limited edition crimson red controller has laser-etched Gears of War battle branding and makes for a perfect player one controller. It comes in blue and grey as well.

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Xbox One Decal (from ₹999)

Beauty might be skin deep, but the Xbox One is hardly a looker alongside the sleekeness of the Sony PlayStation 4.

Redress that boxy inbalance with a custom decals from Amazon. It beats a brown paper bag, any day.

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