Breaking from shackles, done right

A timepiece that you could customise down to the bone? Meet the Undone Watch.

How hipster are you even, if everything you own isn’t customised to reflect your name, city, football club, beard obsession, prefered beer?

This may or may not include your choice of couch, three-piece suit, motorbike... you get the drift. So why sacrifice customization when it comes to picking a watch?

You’ve done it more than a few times. You walk into a store, pick one you yearn for, loosen some cash and walk out almost happy. Except you really wished the case was offered in a PVD finish, or if only the watch came with a ceramic bezel.

Tough luck? Not any more.

Undone has dropped to Planet Earth with a mission to give eager customers maximum free rein when it comes to buying a new watch. You get to customise every single element of the watch, till your grin reaches ear to ear and tears of joy stream down your cheeks. We tried it and boy, were we weeping. Buying a new watch just became a whole lot cooler.

How expensive is this wonderful affair? Surprisingly, not very. The Aqua range starts at $450 (₹30,500) and you can customise every, and we mean every, single bit about the watch. We are talking of a choice range that spans 6 cases, 18 bezels, 22 dials, 45 hands, 2 movements and 19 straps. You can choose from military camouflage to carbonfibre dials and solid-engraved to glass-printed caseback - with your own image on it, if you please. In all, there are more than a million possible combinations.

We gave it a shot and it was an absolute treat as we nailed the look for our watch in a few minutes. Undone has ensured there’s help whenever required, which makes the process very smooth and easy. This truly is the future of watch buying, and once you receive the watch, there is tons to appreciate.

Everything from the construction to the attention paid to detail comes through. The watch feels sublime as you strap it on your wrist. Thanks to a plethora of straps available in various materials, including genuine leather, rubber, suede, military bund and alligator print, you will always have your favourite material hugging your wrist.

Since its inception, Undone has kept in close touch with its community of watch enthusiasts and this year they have something very interesting to offer. A modder’s kit with all necessary tools to spice up your Undone timepiece is on its way. Undone will provide short video tutorials in 10 chapters to educate its audience on the necessary skills and knowledge to modify their watch - stuff like changing hands, dials, cases, etc. Every modder’s kit will come with a unique Undone Modder’s Caseback and a mini camera/phone tripod (for them to film themselves doing it to share online).

A new watch too is on its way and when it launches, you will get to read the full review right here.