This blocky throwback lets you build Nikon's first SLR

Swap pixels for plastic blocks to snap-together this bricky mock-up

Oh, awesome – I love Lego!

No, sorry, wait – this is Nanoblocks. You know? Oh, you don’t. Well, it’s a Japanese modular brick building system, slightly smaller but, OK, almost identical to Lego.

Still, the kit is anything but knock-off. With something like 1,000 little plastic pieces to play with, this mock-up of Nikon’s first ever SLR is the perfect plaything for your photography downtime.

That’s great, but I’m more of a Canon fan…

Oh, please - you don’t even need to like photography to recognise that the Nikon F is a slab of super retro styling (not to mention one of the most iconic gadgets of its time), and it’s even better in blocks.

That black and grey sheen, those rugged lines: this re-imagining of the 1959 original is ideal for the shelf of any self-respecting put-together happy-snapper. Sadly, it doesn’t include film.

OK, I’m sold – how can I get my construction-happy hands on one?

Well, you’ll need your Yen: this angular interpretation might be less rare than an actual Nikon F but it’s still a sticky one to source: it’s exclusively available from Nikon Direct, a Japanese online store – though the good news is it’ll set you back a darn sight less than than the real thing, at just 4,000 Yen (that’s 2150, currency conversion fans).