The Big Question: How can I become a whiskey snob?

Liquor me up!

Enjoy the occasional stiff drink?

Ever feel the need to expand your palate to more exotic brands with tons of heritage? Here’s our guide to make you the talk of the town at parties with your vast knowledge of all things intoxicating.

We explore the best ways to get you on your way to mixing and buying the best drinks with the aid of apps, bar equipment and a brief history lesson.



There’s a cocktail for every single situation. Tanning it up on holiday? Sex on the Beach! Reading in the garden? Mojito! Cleaning up sick after a big party? Bloody Mary! The options are endless. Well, they would be if your cocktail-making skills exceeded a G&T…

Rather than having to attend a mixology course to impress your guests, Cocktail Flow offers quick results. With a huge range of cocktails on tap, whether they’re creamy, tropical or non-alcoholic, there’s a drink here for everyone. Filters make it easier to find your perfect tipple, letting you search via the drink’s colour, strength or country of origin, and you can even narrow it down by the alcohol – essential if you’ve sworn never to drink tequila again.

It’ll also tell you which cocktails you can make with what you have in stock, which is useful for throwing a spontaneous party once the local wine shop has closed.

Download Cocktail Flow for iOS and Android

Dispensing the nectar of life

Pouring out of bottles is so old school and uncivilised. That’s the caveman’s way of pouring those smooth whiskeys and very much in need of an upgrade. Class up that bar with an alcohol dispenser reserved for only the best bottles in your collection. They come in all shapes and sizes, but we would recommend one with slots for multiple bottles because let’s face it, with all those great bottles it’s hard to choose just one.


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Crystal my decanter

Now we know it’s quite impractical to have a dispenser everywhere and one can’t get away with pouring. But there is a classy and premium way out. A crystal decanter not only makes a brilliant storage device for places away from your personal bar, but is probably the most luxurious way of storing and serving that triple distilled malt.

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Hips don’t lie...they whiskey

Now, if you are anything like us, you probably want to hit the bars every opportunity you get. Unfortunately however, that’s not always possible due to responsibilities you’d rather get away from. Well, there is good news. Sneak some of that booze wherever you go with the tried and tested method that is the hip flask. The humble hip flask has been the loyal companion of many an alcohol enthusiast since centuries.

Hint: Having a full hip-flask around can be used to make a reasonably decent mug of Irish coffee on the go.


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No holds bar-red

Having that drink in the comfort of your own bar is one of the few pleasures of life. It’s a pity then that you can’t take it along wherever you go. Or can you? The bar accessory set from Black Butterfly lets you do just that with all the things you need to set up shop (more like bar) bundled into one easy to carry travel case. The set comes complete with mixers, glasses, openers everything you need to start making those delicious cocktails.

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A history on whiskey

As the alcoholic beverage that is had most in India, we thought it might be a good idea to get to the roots of modern whiskey.

Let’s start from the beginning. The word whiskey along with the drink itself can trace its humble beginnings to Ireland loosely translating to “water of life”. It was born there with over 1000 distilleries making the finest Whiskeys for the world. But alas things wouldn’t remain the same with World War 1, World War 2 and the American prohibition wiping out the industry with only three distilleries surviving it. One of them being Jameson touted to be the world’s favourite Irish whiskey.

Now that the history lesson is over, let’s talk about how whiskey is made. It needs three main ingredients i.e barley, water and yeast that then goes to a process called distillation. And distillation is one of the main factors that differentiate Irish whiskey from the whiskeys of different regions. Irish whiskey is distilled three times as opposed to American whiskey that is distilled once and Scottish whiskey that is distilled twice. The triple distillation is what gives Irish whiskeys, like Jameson their quintessential smoothness.  


Experimentation in Intoxication

There is little rest for distillers of whiskey it seems as most of them are continually on the lookout for new and interesting ways of enhancing their precious brews. Take Jameson's latest whiskey in the Indian market for example. The Caskmates from Jameson has quite the riveting story behind it and it all started (as most brilliant things do) in a pub over a pint of beer.

As it so happens, the head distiller from Jameson was having a pint of beer with the head brewer of a micro brewery, when the brewer had the fascinating idea to age his beer in Jameson whiskey barrels. And guess what? They thought it was a good idea to do it the next morning as well and they went ahead with it.  The beer ended up being a big hit, and why wouldn't it be? It had after all been fused with one of the most drunk alcohols in the world. Think of it this way. It's sort of like someone spending some time abroad and developing a slight accent. It's the same person but now more travelled and maybe a bit wiser? Getting back to the point... the head distiller of Jameson then had the idea to use the same barrels that had been used to house the beer and use it to age some Jameson Original for an extra six months. It was then that Caskmates was born with the smoothness of the Original but with extra flavours, namely chocolate, butterscotch and coffee.

Just goes to show how fruitful trips to the bar can be sometimes...Just saying.