Best wireless chargers for your new iPhone SE and OnePlus 8 Pro

From the fastest to the most convenient

2020 may be well known in the near future as the year that saw the spread of the coronavirus, but it will also be known as the year that made wireless charging more accessible to the masses.

Well, not exactly the masses but at least for folks who have been waiting for an affordable, hand-sized iPhone and for those who have waited for the first truly premium OnePlus smartphone to arrive. On a side note, this is also the year where an iPhone costs less than a brand-new OnePlus! Let that sink in for a while...

Yes, Apple’s iPhone 8… err... sorry, the iPhone SE (2020) is a fantastic deal for the Apple faithful and gets you a tiny Dolby Vision certified display, the latest and greatest A13 Bionic chipset and a single 12MP camera at the back that can still do portraits and shoot 4K video at 60fps like the most expensive iPhone 11s on the market. But it also gets your wireless charging and it starts from a rather competitive ₹42,500 for the 64GB variant. Love it or hate it, it’s changing the game… while not changing the game.

Then there’s the OnePlus 8 Pro. Priced from a rather hefty ₹54,999, it is quite expensive for OnePlus but quite cheap (dare we say affordable) for an Android smartphone these days, given that Samsung’s lowest priced Galaxy S20 starts from ₹70,500. OnePlus came prepared this time around and you now get the latest Snapdragon 865 chipset, a 120Hz QHD+ display, an IP68 rating and, for the first time ever, wireless charging. So yes, you now have a fresh, new smartphone with wireless charging capabilities for a little above ₹50K.

And now since both of these smartphones pack in wireless charging, let’s take a look at which wireless chargers you should put your hard-earned money on.

OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus Warp 30 Wireless: $69.95

This is indeed the fastest way to charge your OnePlus 8 Pro. Despite the 30W charging speeds that will charge up your phone from 0-50% in just 29 minutes, OnePlus claims that this charger will run cool and keep your phone cool as well. The only downside? It does not have a detachable cable, which kind of makes things a mess, because you cannot squeeze down that charger nor that chunky charging adapter down that cable grommet. Best of luck with that. 

RAEGR Arc 500: ₹1,589

Raegr’s Arc 500 will get you freedom from your wired charger and is the next best thing after the official one from OnePlus. The Arc gets you 10W charging speeds and a functional LED ring light. It also  comes with a detachable Type C cable so it works well with most desktop cable managers. And at just ₹1,589, I’d recommend keeping one in every room and your office desk for some quick trickle charging.

Samsung Wireless Powerbank: ₹3,699

While regular chargers are great, nothing spells truly wireless like a wireless powerbank. Samsung makes the most premium-looking one that can charge two devices at once. This 10000mAh powerbank not only gets you Qi wireless speeds but also 27W wired charging. And since it’s a portable powerbank, you can carry it wherever you want to.

Apple iPhone SE (2020)

Mi Wireless Powerbank: ₹2,499

Xiaomi’s Mi Wireless Powerbank can juice up your iPhone SE about 5 times before you need to reach for a wired charger. This do-it-all powerbank gets you a cool 10W while charging wirelessly and 18W wired charging speeds, which is good for an iPhone with a tiny battery – and it’s portable as well.

Belkin Boost Up: ₹3,233

Belkin’s Boost Up wireless charging pad gets you 10W wireless charging speeds for your iPhone SE and will also charge pretty much any other Qi-compatible product from Apple as well. If you have a fancy case on (which you will), this one can also charge through it.

Desktop do-it-alls

Spazy Case 4-in-1: ₹2,499

If you already have other Apple accessories, you are definitely better off with this one. It packs in the standard Qi charging speeds but can charge four of your Apple gadgets at once. This foldable dock even includes a Lightning connector so you can plug in your older AirPods case directly, and charge it the old fashioned way.

Portronics alarm clock: ₹1,499

There’s no wireless charger like the one that’s next to your bed. Yes, this bedside digital alarm clock and lamp also doubles up as a wireless charger. It also features a USB port that lets you trickle charge one device and plug in the other using the USB port. More importantly, this one also comes with its own charging adapter. And you will have your phone charged, ready and waiting when you wake up every morning.

ChoeTech Dual Wireless charger: ₹7,948

Odd name aside, this dual wireless charger packs in quite a punch. It can charge two phones at once at Qi charging speeds (5W or 10W) and you won’t even need to place them perfectly centred like you have to with most other chargers, thanks to its wider than usual charging area.

William Penn Superbook: ₹7,500

We’ve saved the best for last. There’s no better charger than the one that’s always with you. For those who love roaming about with a diary, the Superbook is the perfect companion. This ain’t your regular leather planner, but one that packs in an 8000mAh powerbank that can wirelessly charge your iPhone on the go and even works as a pen drive with 16GB of emergency storage.

And now that you have checked them out, let me show you what else you will need and how to narrow down on the best one:

Don’t forget an adapter

Odd, but true. Yes, most of these wireless chargers don’t ship with a charging adapter in the box. And you will need a good one to get the desired charging speed you need. The easier way is to plug the wired end of the charger into your phone’s charging adapter, but if there isn’t one, get a 30W or a 60W charging adapter from a third-party brand like Anker. These are fast enough to get your phone juiced up in a little over an hour.

And a detachable cable

Yes, it’s best to pick one with a long detachable cable because at some point you will need to run that cable through a desk grommet whether it’s your fancy desk setup or a boring office desk . With chargers like the One from OnePlus, you will be stuck with a cable running over your desk all the way to your socket, which will look a bit messy keeping in mind your new and modern wireless charging mentality.

An LED indicator

We all like minimalist stuff, but an LED indicator will tell you whether your device is charging or not and whether it continues to charge or if something’s gone wrong. This is important because most chargers will need you to place your phone accurately (centred) to kickstart the charging process or to get the best results.

Always check for compatibility

Most premium phones and chargers support the Qi standard, but some don’t. Some manufacturers like Samsung use proprietary tech for accessories, so you will need to check on what wireless charging standard your device supports (usually found on the box). More importantly, your device needs to have wireless charging hardware inside to pull off the wireless charging magic.