Best Wi-Fi routers for every budget

Here’s the best route

The lockdown is nigh. Make sure your daily dose of internet is supplied all across your home with respect to 2020 standards.

We have solved your problems of finding the next best Wi-Fi router in three possible budgets. They’re all future-proof, up to the new decade standards and some can even fight off viruses for free. You don’t have to sanitise this list to have your home office network up and running. Take a look and you can thank us later.

Additional words: Francis D’sa

D-Link EXO AC1300 (₹4,999)

What’s the story?

We feel the sole purpose of this entry level EXO series router is to offer similar features like its peers with a price cut. This dual-band Wi-Fi router comes with MU-MIMO, which means it can manage your network speeds and data with other routers like a well-oiled machine. Yes, you can create a Wi-Fi mesh network with D-Link’s other MU-MIMO routers and repeaters. Quite futureproof and upgrade friendly, and we like that.

Linksys Max-Stream MR8300 (₹15,999)

What’s the story?

Well, since Linksys has the Velop mesh router system in its alley, most of their current and all future routers will now sport mesh right into their core. So we went ahead and added a few Velop nodes too to create a mesh. Setting it up was a cakewalk and deploying it is even easier. The app helps through the process without the need for an IT expert.   

When a node goes down (power or range issues), the other nodes take the task of trying to fulfil the network blind spots. If you want to cover more areas and deploy multiple nodes accordingly, the Network Analyzer tells you exactly where to place them  depending on network strength.

TP-Link Archer AX6000 (₹27,999)

What’s the story?

At a glance, the costliest one on this list doesn’t quite cut into the beauty pageant of routers like you’d expect. But what lies underneath its rugged shell is a 1.8GHz quad-core processor supported by two more coprocessors, 1GB of RAM and 128MB of flash storage. It’s even got eight high-speed 1Gb/s LAN ports and a USB Type-C aside from the regular ports. That’s a bit excessive and that’s exactly what it’s for, excess use in your mansion.