The best phablets in the world 2016 - reviewed

Prepare your puny pockets: the world’s greatest bigphones are here to stretch your trousers

You can put away your tablet and lose that laptop: your next smartphone will be big enough to battle them both.

Gone are the days when mobile phones meant mini phones. Like TVs and Greece’s deficit, on-the-go talky-boxes are only getting bigger – and, in 2016, a better bigger has arrived.

With an average display diagonal of 5.7in, this is pocket-stuffing hardware for multitaskers, in a world where big devices still need to perform like glass-and-metal slabs half their size.

OK, so the palm-filling phablet concept has been around for a couple of years, but the current crop of big-screen, slim-body machines is the most desirable ever to hit the shelves.

What’s more, in this clash of oversized titans it’s all up for grabs. Old favourites have faltered, new pretenders have arrived and edgy offerings have sliced their way to the very front. Who’ll take the giant crown?

Meet the contenders


1) Nexus 6P

Beauty, value and power intersect. Huawei's 6P is the device to get the Nexus series back on the rails. 

2) Apple iPhone 6s Plus

The design hasn't changed - the invisible but brilliant 3D Touch tech is the star here.

3) Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung's wraparound flagship just got upgraded - and the results are stunning.

4) Microsoft Lumia 950XL

Erm, it's made by Microsoft. But wait, it runs Windows 10 and can work as a mini laptop. 

See how they stack up