Best of... football kit

Channelize your inner Beckham. Here, these should help...

Telstar 18

This tribute to the 2018 Fifa World Cup is a little lesson in history with its 70s-inspired design. The iconic blackand- white football of the past is the reason it deploys its pixelated design. The seamless surface means it doesn’t absorb unnecessary moisture and shoots with accuracy too. Biggest trick up its sleeve? The embedded NFC chip that unlocks smartphone content.

Cold Blooded Predator 18

Legends have scorched pitches and made football history strapped into Predators before. Zidane, Pogba, Ozil, Beckham are just a few examples of star subscribers. With good reason, obviously. A full-length Boost midsole, Forged Knit midfoot and a Purecut Laceless system give you ample support while returning maximum energy back to your foot.

Running Tee

Unless you like the sensation of feeling slow-cooked while you dribble, you’ll want to pull over one of these. The tonal camouflage print lends it the street look your’e going for, but most critical is its heat management. Climacool construction blends ventilation with moisture absorbtion rather efficiently. It’s even got a clean conscience courtesy recycled polyester materials.