Attacked by an AMG

It wouldn’t be doing justice to the good engineers in Affalterbach if an AMG wasn’t launched with tyre smoke, burning brakes and a racing track to leave its marks on

Mercedes-Benz India had promised petrolheads that it would launch a new car every month of this year but they pulled one more by the skin of their teeth.

Dressed up in the C Class’s borrowed suit, it’s only when you notice its chiselled muscles and a deep baritone on ‘hello’ that you realise that it’s an AMG. And even though it’s a V6, it doesn’t make you feel short changed by two cylinders.

The C43 AMG also has the distinction of being a full-time 4WD drivetrain and one that proves to be entertaining and forgiving at the same time. Its 69:31 split keeps the rear-end playful but then the front end grips to set things straight.

Out on the Buddh International Circuit, the C43 is capable enough to pull out a 260kmph top speed on the back straight before the upgraded brakes work their magic and the quick-acting 9-speed gearbox shuffles through the cogs to slash the speed.



This newly developed 367hp AMG V6 is quite the hoot. Responsive, free revving and delivering 520Nm of torque, it goes like stink and is perfectly mated to the 9-speed gearbox.


Fully customizable

Since the C43 AMG won’t be built in India, you will be able to specify any option from the vast list. Burmester audio, open-pore veneer on the console and more...


The hot seat for enthusiasts

Sport seats with more aggressive bolstering keep you in place, even during hard cornering out on the track. The red accents on the stitching hint at sportiness.


Suspension of true belief

Although the track isn’t the best place to judge the ride quality of a car, the C43 is flat, composed and possesses tons of mechanical grip. That’s the kind we like.



The timed misfires in Sport + mode prove that an AMG Sport Exhaust system and a twin-turbo V6 engine have the emotional power to move you. Or make you go faster.

Finally…This is a hugely satisfying sports sedan to drive. Direct steering, a sensual exhaust note and handling that could well be one of the sweetest, this side of a crore.