Apple Watch 3: everything we know so far

UPDATE 12/09: Some big iOS 11 leaks are pointing to the arrival of an LTE-equipped Watch Series 3 tomorrow...

The Apple Watch 2 is easily our favourite smartwatch, but it’s still some way short of gadget perfection.

Demanding fans have requested everything from built-in LTE to sleep-tracking and a sharper screen.

Of course, this growing wish list doesn’t take into account the laws of physics. But it seems that at least some of these features will be arriving with the imminent launch of an Apple Watch 3.

Some apparent leaks from Apple and Vodafone on September 10 suggest that an LTE-equipped Apple Watch Series 3 will be arriving at the iPhone 8 on Tuesday September 12.

But what else can we expect from their third instalment of the Apple Watch trilogy? Here's what our Apple divining rod is suggesting...

When will it be out?

Updated 12/9: a big iOS 11 leak has confirmed some earlier rumours about its launch

It now looks almost certain that we'll see the Apple Watch Series 3 announced at the iPhone 8 event on Tuesday September 12.

Rumours from the Chinese business site Economic Daily had earlier suggested that the Watch 3 was in final testing and ready to begin mass production.

And now an iOS 11 leak picked up by 9to5Mac has seemingly confirmed the announcement plus a few features, including LTE connectivity.

Although there was a big gap between announcement and availability of the original Apple Watch, it seems likely that Apple will follow the more typical schedule of the Watch 2 and have it on shelves within one to two weeks of the event.

In other words, keep a space free in your Christmas stocking.