App Watch: the best new iPhone and iPad games released this month

November 2017

FROST (₹400)

Frost is a breathtaking tale of attraction, interaction, and transformation.

The aim of the game is simple: draw paths with your finger to guide a herd of swirling spirits back to their home planets. Along the way you'll encounter beautiful creatures composed of pure light, and other magical wonders from the great beyond. It's a sanguine spectacle that bewilders and excites in equal measure.

Download Frost for iPhone and iPad here


You're going on an adventure. Grab your sword, shield, and dictionary, and steel yourself for a quest unlike any other.

That's right, in Syllablade words are weapons, and as you hunt for loot and vanquish foes you'll need to chain words together to deal crushing blows. There are rare weapons to collect, bosses to face, and clans to smite, but you'll need brains as well as brawn if you hope to emerge victorious.

So stick on an episode of Countdown and pay close attention, because you'll have to spell your way to victory this time around.

Download Syllablade for iPhone and iPad here


What's cooking? Tasty, medium-rare puzzles. That's what. If that's got your tastebuds tingling, then you're in for a treat, because Campfire Cooking is a puzzler about preparing meals over a crackling campfire and relaxing in the splendour of mother nature.

It's a delicious, zany concept that's been cooked to perfection by developer Layton Hawkes, who's managed to strike the right balance between challenging conundrums and chilled out campfire chit-chat.

Download Campfire Cooking for iPhone and iPad here


Stranger Things is back, which means for the next month you're going to enter a nostalgia coma where '80s pop-rock, Eggos, and avoiding spoilers are the only things that matter. But before you binge your way though Season 2 (as if you haven't already) you might want to check out this surprisingly swish video game tie-in.

Designed to look and feel like it's been ripped out of the '80s, Stranger Things: The Game lets you explore Hawkins, interact with your favourite characters, and solve a few mysteries of your own. It's much more than a marketing gimmick, and developer BonusXP have put a lot of love into crafting a old-school adventure that's sure to delight fans of the series.

Download Stranger Things: The Game for iPhone and iPad here


Flat Pack AR quite literally puts a spin on the tried and tested 2D platforming formula. Created by the fine folks over at Nitrome, the game uses the power of augmented reality to combine 2D and 3D platforming into one super-smart package.

You see, although the game's levels are two-dimensional affairs, the introduction of AR mode lets you manipulate them in a real world environments. The brain twisting mechanic adds another layer of depth to the whole package, turning Flat Pack AR into an unmissable slice of platforming pie. Tasty!

Download Flat Pack AR for iPhone and iPad here


The App Store is racking up its fair share of sublime first-person puzzlers. A few months ago we spotlighted The Witness, and now philosophical brain-teaser The Talos Principle has also been yanked on to mobile.

The critically acclaimed think-em-up places players in a strange, contradictory world filled with ancient ruins and advanced technology. There are tasks to complete, a mysterious creator to appease, and far-reaching mysteries to solve. How you do that is up to you, but remember: you are being watched.

Download The Talos Principle for iPhone and iPad here


You've heard of killing time, but killing to slow time? Well, that's the name of the game in time-warping, top-down shooter Time Recoil.

It might sound like a harsh way to claw back some much needed minutes, but what did you expect when you signed up to become a time-travelling secret agent? It isn't the friendliest job in the world, but at least Time Recoil makes sure it's damn good fun.

Download Time Recoil for iPhone and iPad here