App Watch: the best new iPhone and iPad games released this month

December 2017


You're stuck in a rusty old bucket of a car that also happens to be dangling precariously over a cliff edge. There's no way out, so what do you do? Well, when you're wedged between your own mortality and the great beyond, you might as well try and answer the biggest question of them all: why?

That's the wonderfully weird premise of Far from Noise, and as you meander through the meditative title's sanguine narrative, you might even learn a few things about yourself.

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The Room: Old Sins (₹399)

The Room: Old Sins is the fourth instalment in Fireproof Games' atmospheric puzzle franchise, and its a title that proves some things do get better with age. Despite being a tried-and-tested formula by now, The Room's deft combination of horror-tinged narratives and rewarding, tactile puzzles is still as engaging as ever.

Old Sins mixes things up slightly by moving the action into a creepy dollhouse (as if there's any other kind) that hides more than a few secrets. The clues to unravelling the miniature mansion's mysteries lie buried in the puzzles themselves, but whether or not you'll be able to crack them is another question entirely.

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Finger Driver (₹Free+IAP)

Remember Baby Driver? Last summer's smash-hit blockbuster about hot rods, heists, and sweet, sweet funk 'n' soul? Well despite having a vaguely similar title, Finger Driver has absolutely nothing to do with that. Sorry. Instead, Finger Driver concerns itself with the fine art of steering. More specifically, the art of steering using only one finger - hey, get those thumbs outta here!

Any drivers out there will know how troublesome that can be, but with enough practice you'll soon be able to impress your friends by cruising down meandering digital roads with a simple twist of yer digit. Trust me on this one, it's more fun than it sounds, especially if you're a sucker for score-chasers.

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Hey you! Yep, I'm talking to you. It's your time to shine, because the family of flute-noses needs saving from some dastardly hunters.

If it all sounds downright nonsensical, that's because it is, but there's still fun to be had when the roly-poly world and its fun-loving dynasty are under threat. And you know what, there are plenty of gritty, super-serious games out there, so why not tuck into a splendid puzzler that embraces glorious absurdity.

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A Boy and His Blob is back (again)! That's right, the critically acclaimed platformer has finally made its way to mobile, after ticking off most other platforms along the way.

Thankfully, the emotionally charged NES reimagining hasn't lost any of its charm since first hitting shelves in 2009. The challenges are still tough, the visuals still sumptuous, and the blob is still, well, blobby.

It's a classic for a reason, and if you've still yet to play the heartwarming original, then it's time to get stuck in.

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Meteorfall: Journey (₹249)

Meteorfall is a procedurally generated card battling roguelike that wins the day because of its dedication to delivering accessible, captivating single-player adventures. As you'd expect from any fantasy offering worth its salt, there are towns to explore, monsters to vanquish, and loot to collect - but that's hardly new.

What's new is how Meteorfall tells its story. Your adventure plays out as an unfurling deck of cards, with each fresh flip revealing the next twist in your winding tale. As you progress you'll be given the chance to bulk out your deck by taking risks, or push ahead safe and sound by avoiding them entirely (though you'll be weaker for it).

It's a fine balancing act that places strategic thinking above all else, and those who don't plan ahead will find themselves dancing with perma-death sooner rather than later. Gulp.

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So you wanna be a player, but your wheels ain't fly? Well you gotta hit GRID up, to get a super quick ride. Okay, they might be some hastily edited Pimp My Ride lyrics, but they're not wrong.

GRID Autosport is an undisputed racing champion on iOS. It delivers everything you want from a smartphone racer: pin-sharp visuals; intuitive touch, tilt, or gamepad controls; hundreds of cars and circuits; and a pro-career mode that lets you conquer the autosport world - assuming you're fast enough…

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Super Fancy Pants Adventure (₹399)

Super Fancy Pants Adventure is one of the most aptly named games I've ever encountered. Sure, that's partly because the free-running adventure centres on a man with decidedly snazzy trousers. But it's mainly because the breezy title serves up a metric ton of super fancy, super polished platforming and then asks 'would you like some more?.'

Your answer, of course, should be a resounding 'yes.' Some of you might find that hard to believe, and I know Fancy Pants might look little rough around the edges, but if you can get past the (intentionally) slapdash visuals you'll be treated to one of the tastiest morsels the App Store has to offer.

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Neverending Nightmares is a psychological horror game inspired by the developer's own battle with mental illness. As such, it's a personal and absorbing experience, but one that's equally unnerving.

As you take on the role of Thomas, whose nightmares have become all too real, you'll have to battle your inner-demons as well as those that lurk in the hellish dreamscape you currently call home.

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Seen The Wolf of Wall Street? Well Corporate Salmon is that but with piscine perpetrators instead of DiCaprio's bunch of hoodlums.

OK, that might be stretching it slightly, but it is a tongue-in-cheek rollick that riffs on the clammy bedfellow we call capitalism. As in real life, the aim is simple: flop to the top of your chosen corporate ladder, collecting coins and avoiding clingy colleagues along the way. Don't get too big for your fin-shaped boots though, because you're only one slip away from being sent to the fishmongers.

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