App Watch: the best new iPhone and iPad games released this month

These are the newly released games that'll keep your tablet or smartphone 'appy this March

It'd be an understatement to say that the Apple App Store is a big place - there are thousands of new titles hitting its digital shelves each and every week.

It's an unprecedented situation that often results in great games being overlooked, buried under a mountain of soulless endless runners, tepid Candy Crush clones, and uninspired MMOs.

With that in mind, we want to shine a spotlight on those games fighting the good fight. Here are this month's most interesting new releases.

March 2018

January 2018

Florence (₹249)

Florence is an interactive storybook from the designer behind art-house hit Monument Valley. Inspired by movies like (500) Days of Summer and slice of life graphic novels, it charts the heartracing highs and heartbreaking lows of Florence Yeoh's first love, and offers up an intimate portrayal of what it means to fall head over heels for someone.

Download Florence for iOS here

Lichtspeer (₹299)

A fast-paced, lightspear-lobbing simulator set in an ancient germanic future (yeah, it doesn't make much sense, but the best things rarely do), Lichtspeer is a thrill-a-second ode to zany '80s arcade action, and it is glorious.

In a world riddled with Penguin Vikings, Wurst Zombies, and Hipster Ice Giants, only the ancient champion (hey, that's you!) can restore balance and appease the gods. Will you rise to the challenge and embrace your strudel-filled future? What a preposterous question. Of course you will!

Download Lichtspeer for iOS


 It's time to head back to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, but this time you'll be building bridges, not burning them. You monster. With the help of everyone's favourite friendly neighbourhood murderbot, GLaDOS, you'll have to rebuild 60 decidedly unsafe test chambers using all manner of bridges, ramps, slides, and delicious Aperture tech.

Your fellow employees are the test subjects, so try not to get too distracted by all the fancy gadgets. We know portals, repulsion gel, and laser barriers are cool, but Simon from accounting isn't overly fond of acid baths. I know right? What an oddball.

Download Bridge Constructor Portal for iOS

Holy potatoes! We're in space? (₹549)

Potatoes. In. Space. Yep, you read that right, Daylight Studio's tactical strategy effort takes place in a universe where vegetables, not man, are the dominant species.

But being a veggie in the great beyond isn't easy. If you want to avoid becoming a side salad, you'll need to scour planets, keep your ship in tip-top condition, and whip up some decidedly wacky weapons — for self-defence purposes, of course.

There are puns aplenty and more action than you can shake a cucumber at. What are you waiting for?

Download Holy Potatoes! We're in Space? for iOS

Alto's Odyssey (₹399)

Alto's Odyssey swaps the snowy mountains and icy slopes of Alto's Adventure for the hazy sands of a vast, unexplored desert. Just like its critically acclaimed predecessor, Odyssey invites players to embark on the journey of a lifetime and soar above windswept dunes, traverse untouched canyons, and explore long-forgotten temples in a fantastical place far, far from home.

It's escapism at its finest, and an absorbing slice of mobile gaming that'll remind you exactly why you fell in love with the platform.

Download Alto's Odyssey


Do you ever get the feeling that life is just too goddamn easy? Because if you do, then Getting Over It is precisely what you need. The dastardly title asks you to climb a mountain with nothing but a hammer and a pot, which I'm sure you can imagine makes things rather problematic.

As you toil and toil to no avail, the game's creator will salt your wounded pride by making smug observations about your current predicament. "No amount of forward progress is guaranteed; some cliffs are too sheer or too slippery," he'll muse, as a misplaced swing sends you careering into oblivion for the millionth time. Thank you Mr. Foddy, for that timely reminder. And thank you for creating a game that's both my salvation, and my worst nightmare.

Download Getting Over It for iOS


 Dash Quest Heroes is an endless runner RPG that asks you to save the world in super-quick time. While the premise itself is pretty by the books— there's an evil force invading an otherworldly land, and only you can stop it — Dash Quest succeeds because it's been polished to perfection and plays like a dream.

The game's brisk, moreish three-lane running and combat mechanics make ideal companions, and they're supported by a bold 16-bit art style and a plethora of customisation options, items, and mini-games. It all makes for a well-rounded package that's hard to resist, and even harder to put down.

Buy Dash Quest Heroes for iOS

Infinite West (₹Free + IAP)

Toss Clint Eastwood, Ubisoft's 'GO' series, and Chess into a melting pot, and you'd wind up with something a little like Infinite West. The sumptuously minimalist effort is an isometric puzzler that asks players to dish out cold, hard frontier justice by unleashing the power of quirky conundrums.

To do that, you'll have to master the game's grid-based level system, learning how to dodge attacks while getting off some shots of your own. Life on the frontier ain't easy, kid. But heck, we never said it would be.

Download Infinite West for iOS

Dig Dog - Treasure Hunter (249)

Dig Dog is a roguelike platformer about a friendly pooch intent on sniffing out some treasure. It's a simple concept that's been executed flawlessly by creator Rusty Moyher, who's managed to turn what could've been a run-of-the-mill effort into a delightfully moreish morsel.

Run, dig, drop, jump, or dash - then do it all again and again as you delve deeper into the retro-adorned world of Dig Dog. It might not look like much, but trust us, you'd be barking mad to miss it.

Download Dig Dog – Treasure Hunter for iOS

INSIDE (₹Free + IAP)

Playdead's critically acclaimed, award-winning puzzle-platformer Inside has followed in the footsteps of its predecessor Limbo in making the leap to iOS. So, if you missed the boat on consoles, now's the perfect time to sink your teeth into the wonderfully dystopian title, and experience a story that's as dark as it is gorgeous. Seriously, nightmares have never looked this good.

Download Inside for iOS


 Remember Reigns? The Tinder-esque monarchy simulator that asked you to rule with an iron swipe? Well it's back for round two, but as the name suggests Reigns: Her Majesty puts a new spin on the formula, and this time you'll be leading your kingdom through a cultural renaissance as a benevolent Queen.

Unfortunately, despite your best intentions and presumably snappy dress sense, there are still some who want to oust you from that cushy throne. It's down to you to keep them at bay and keep your rather needy subjects (and husband) happy by swiping left and right through a story filled with danger, mysticism, and political intrigue. One wrong flick and you might lose your head, so be tread carefully with those royal fingers.

Download Reigns: Her Majesty for iOS