Aladdin continues to enchant Indian audiences with the Broadway-style production of the classic fantasy

Where there’s Disney, there’s magic… and a flying carpet!

Now we’ve all grown up hearing, reading or watching the animated version of Aladdin.

Finding this heart-meltingly handsome thief of Agrabah, who goes on to fall in love with the princess is what our teenage dreams were made of. Watching the broadway version of this classic fantasy story was an experience unmatched with any celluloid version prior to this one. Keeping up with Disney’s core theme of a heart-melting story and combining innovation with technology has been a feat now mastered by the cast and crew of this Broadway-style musical. Here’s our experience of the same…


The act

Simply put, the show is fabulous. Genie deserves an extra mention. He was incredible and stole the show. The comic timing, the scenery was lovely a glitzy and my daughter loved singing along to the songs from the film. Some of the actors had better comedic timing than others, but overall it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Though Mantra (Genie) is an industry veteran, this musical was one of Kira Narayanan (Jasmine) and Siddharth Menon’s (Aladdin) first stint on stage. The cast is bang-on and even though they look like they were made to play these characters, a lot of hard work went into pulling of this two-and-a-half-hour long extravaganza. Menon says, “The process was a life changing experience for me and I think for any actor giving this much time to your character and your story is a dream come true."