Agusta Wind

The MV Agusta Brutale 800 is the hottest naked sports motorcycle in its class

We do like a little speed for supper. The 800 though, is a gobsmacking feast... 

The MV Agusta Brutale 800 costs about ₹12 lacs. Before you balk at its price, a little trivia for the uninitiated. Meccanica Verghara or MV Agusta is a brand founded in 1945, in Milan, and rich in its heritage. The brand holds its place in the most premium categories of racing machines and what you pay for is what you get–one of the most technologically advanced motorcycles in a package that’s hard not to fall in love with. 

Walk up to the Brutale 800 and you’ll notice how its design is that sweet mix of form meets function. The distinctive three -element exhaust pipe is just a hint of the savagery it unleashes with a simple flick of the throttle. But more about that later. The more you look, the more there is to see. 

Hop on-board and the overall compactness is a serious kicker. Like a tight fist packing a solid punch. The seat’s plush design will have you riding long hours, as will the upright position. A whopping eight levels of traction control means you get to tweak your ride to suit your style. Or sanity. 

Four engine mapping modes (three presets and one custom) let you set the beast up before your ride. Experienced riders will truly appreciate the ‘Sport’ mode.

Let it rip and the 800 will accelerate scarily fast. Better still, it has the brakes to match so you don’t need to pray as you twist that throttle. 

Even the handling department is all tech’d up MotoGP-style with a counter-rotating crankshaft. That means it’s a brilliantly balanced machine, this. That also means it’ll carve up the twisties like a hot- knife through butter. For a track- focussed machine, the 800 is like a dream on long rides as well. 

Quick Shift mode? Turn this on and you’ll be flying through the gears clutch- free.

Also, because life’s too short to press the clutch, really.

Photo Credits: Pratik Khot