Adidas’s Alphabounce Instinct ensures you can hit the road running right after the gym

The versatile athlete’s best companion

If there was one brand that’s persistent and dedicated to the cause of fitness, it’s Adidas.

Besides, a good pair of shoes can make or break any form of workout experience that you might be in to. The launch of Adidas’ newest shoe last weekend was clubbed with an extensive 4km run, followed by a rigorous functional training routine to prove the agility the Alphabounce Instinct is capable of.

You see, they don’t just make claims, they prove the shoe’s prowess to you by making you experience it first hand. Whether you’re running for fun, trying to get in shape or are looking for shoes to give you that extra advantage when you’re stomping your way over to the gym, the Alphabounce Instinct are for the everyday exercise lover.


Supports quick movements

You see we’re quick as a fox. The next gen on the Alphabounce family, the Alphabounce Instinct is designed to support our daily acrobats, which were put to test while running in them, prancing around following our captain, Ritesh’s instructions while doing functional training and a few on-spot exercises to know they’re steady companions for those with quick feet.

The sole is superb, provides a great grip and works well on tarmac, the gym floor as well as grass. Besides, swapping out a pair every time you wanna switch between a dynamic workout at the gym and a quick run is a pain in the arse. One shoe does the job - quick movements are supported in a way traditional running shoes don’t. The upper locks the foot down, and still flexibility ain’t an issue because torsion provides support, so the wearer moves instinctively.


Aesthetics in place

One piece ribbed mesh upper that runs all the way across the shoe makes a good first impression, and an edge over your competition. The versatile shoe has a wavy outer pattern that make it nothing short of a visual treat. Wearing a good looking pair of shoes that sets itself apart from others is anyway confidence inspiring.

It’s designed to give athletes an edge in their sport with its superior support and fit. The chunky bounce midsole are super and add a pop in your step. So is the snug fit they offer from toe to ankle. The sockline around the ankle area provides amazing ankle support.

It’s the lifestyle runner’s shoe of choice.

Where can I buy?

The shoe comes for both men and women and is priced at ₹9,999. It’s available across stores and online. The AlphaBounce Instinct comes in Legend Marine and Cloud White and a few more colour options.