Adidas Nemeziz 19.1 will tape your sole to the ground

Tension on your toes

The Adidas Nemeziz are the 2019 flagship cleats for iconic footballers and among us turf dribblers, its design is something you’ll never find anywhere else. 

Well, a quick game of footy won’t really leave you time for a catwalk but sweet heavens, the Shock Pink variant will scream out in every direction. It’s as if the name was given based on reactions from the Adidas designers after looking at their creation. Are we complaining? Not one bit. It’s a matter of preference and if you wondered how shockingly good you’ll look in pink shoes, Nemeziz has you covered.

There are four variants in the latest Nemeziz 19 line up and we got to try out the 19.1 (the second most expensive). Believe it or not, its Tension Tape technology is no shocking accident. It’s the years of experience in placing cleats on your sole that lead to this and they impress from the time you lay your eyes (and money) on them. The upper is entirely made from the said Tension Tape and coated in some sort of fabric hardener. We can’t really tell what it is and these are not your regular looking shoes, hence the materials definitely feel unusual. Like most initiations, this feeling stays only the first time and after you slip in them, the familiar Adidas design reverbs from the shoes.