The 9 best USB-C smartphone accessories

Universally nifty peripherals for your mobile

USB is dead! Long live... USB-C!

Yes, having been around in some form or other since the '90s, the humble Universal Serial Bus has undergone a transformation in the past year or two. 

Where once you had microUSB and Mini USB and Pixie USB (OK, not the last one), we now increasingly have one type of connector. It's in many of the best new smartphones, it's in all of Apple's latest MacBooks and it's clearly here to stay.  

Great! But if your smartphone comes with USB-C, what else can you do with it beyond charging? Loads, actually: we've rounded up 9 of the best USB-C accessories that you can stick in your mobile today.

Kidigi Universal USB-C Desktop Charging Dock (₹1,709)

OK, so you can buy microUSB docks that'll do roughly the same thing, but there's something symbolically satisfying about a phone plinth that'll take any USB-C-equipped device.

Thankfully, this universal dock from Kidigi is more than just a pretty podium for your new flagship: it'll let you charge and sync your smartphone simultaneously, making use of USB-C's speedy data and power transfer rates.

It'll fit pretty much everything, too, thanks to a height-adjustable connector. Really, though, it's best for sticking on the desk to show off your shiny baby.

Buy the Kidigi Universal USB-C Desktop Charging Dock here

Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C (₹8,999)

A good power bank should do two things: charge your device and charge it quickly.

Anker's PowerCore+ does both with aplomb: capable of charging your phone with a 2.4A current - the fastest possible - it's also equipped with a truly capacious 20,100mAh cell. That's enough to juice most mobiles seven times over.

Admittedly, it does take around 8hrs to charge, so you'll need to be organised before hitting the road - but, replete with current-stabilising tech, it's a no-brainer for making the most of USB-C's charging abilities.

Buy the Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C here

Tronsmart USB-C to Micro-USB Adapter (₹589)

Sometimes the smallest, simplest things are the most necessary - and that's very much the case with this USB-C to microUSB adapter from Tronsmart.

Tiny it might be, but it also means you can plug your existing microUSB-equipped devices into your new USB-C gear. Think: cameras, peripherals and more - and it'll work with your new MacBook, too.

It supports USB OTG tech, so you should be able to host compatible devices from your phone, not to mention charging at 2.4A and data transfer rates of up to 480Mbps. See, small things can be powerful.

Buy the Tronsmart USB-C to Micro-USB Adapter here

Nomad Car Charger with Battery (₹5,335)

Few, if any, cars are yet equipped with USB-C ports - which means you'll be stuck using an adapter. Unless, of course, you snap up this sleek charger from Nomad, which draws power from your motor's 12V port.

Aside from offering a USB-C port - alongside an older USB-A output - it also has a trick in its shell, in the form of an in-built 3000mAh battery, for a backup boost when the engine's off.

It also happens to look pretty neat, as in-car chargers go.

Buy the Nomad Car Charger with Battery here

Kanex USB-C to HDMI 4K adapter (₹2,729)

Functionally, this one's pretty straightforward: stick it in the USB-C port and you'll be able to beam your stuff to a nearby screen in 4K via a HDMI lead.

OK, so you could use some clever casting tech to achieve the same thing, but sometimes cables are the surest bet - and this one's pretty nifty.

Just make sure to check that your mobile supports audio/video out via the USB-C port.

Buy the Kanex USB-C to HDMI 4K adapter here