9 of the best cheap PS4 games

Keep playing while you save for PS VR with these 5 great games under ₹2,000

If you invested your hard-earned money in the powerful PS4 Pro you’re probably keen to pack it out with a games library worthy of such muscle.

There are plenty of new games on the horizon but, if you’re strapped for cash, it's always worth considering taking advantage of the PS4’s vast back catalogue of die-hard classics - and a fair few gems you might have missed.

We’ve set ourselves a limit of just ₹2,000 per game and found 9 titles to keep you gaming without breaking the bank. Perfect pocket money fodder.

Note: prices correct at time of writing. They’re likely to fluctuate, but we’ve chosen games that we expect to remain under 2,000 even if they shift up or down a bit.

FALLOUT 4 (₹1,405)

So, you didn’t want to pay good money to suffer from severe radiation poisoning the first time around? We don’t blame you - but for this price you’d be a right Radroach not to.

Fallout 4 offers a smart step forward for open-world gaming and, alongside the shiny new graphics, it makes leaps and bounds ahead in terms of gameplay.

This Fallout, set in the tranquil nuclear wasteland of Boston, wants to give the player even greater freedom of choice. With a new crafting system, you can create your own settlements, form a community of NPCs, build and upgrade weapons, attachments and - check this - your own power armor. Flaming stripes and a jetpack are recommended for those epic Deathclaw showdowns.

One thing is clear in Fallout 4: customisation is key to survival in the Commonwealth. In typical Fallout fashion, the liberty to make good and bad choices throughout the game is properly present. From awakening in an underground cryo-pod, you can fair your chances attempting to be a hero, or completely ditch that and live out your darkest raider fantasies.

Pillage a small town of struggling farmers, or build a settlement with the sole purpose of torturing anyone who lives there - we won’t judge you. Promise. With hundreds of hours of gameplay and great value for money, it’s difficult to argue why Fallout 4 isn’t on your shelf.

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DOOM (₹1,370)

How do you scare Hell’s most devilish monsters? You send them Doomguy.

DOOM is given the beautiful HD treatment in this PS4 edition, which is scary, because Hell looks amazing. We didn’t think the never-ending pit of despair populated by wrong-doers and sinners would become one of our favourite places to be in, but here we are.

It’s been 24 years since the original Doom was released, so it’s only fair that we get to see the beginnings of it all remastered with id Software’s Tech 6 game engine. The gameplay is slick, fast and gory as, err, hell. If you’re afraid of guts landing on every visible surface then we recommend that you start liking it, because DOOM is too good to miss.

With a kick-ass soundtrack pumping you through the horrific and endless waves of monstrosities, you’ll find yourself deeply engrossed with the campaign - which is no masterpiece, but does the series justice. The campaign stretches to around 12-15 hours, depending on how much of the beautifully disturbing visuals you want to take in.

Separated by chapters (essentially mission levels), you will transcend back and forth between the UAC facility on Mars and Hell, following your own demon-slaying desires and the instructions of influential individuals. The campaign is interesting enough alongside great gameplay to solidify the intense and satisfying package. 

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Satisfy your open-world shoot-and-loot cravings with this intense tactical Tom Clancy instalment, all while you save your pennies for Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

We’re certain that stalking people through streets and alleyways before ruthlessly stabbing them in the back for some shiny loot isn’t good behaviour - unless, of course, you’re playing The Division.

In a grimy New York, a nasty smallpox pandemic has left most of the city uninhabitable. As part of the Strategic Homeland Division (or put simply, ‘The Division’), you’re tasked with solving how the pandemic started, and with rebuilding the group’s presence in the city.

You soon realise that, in the wake of the outbreak, an excessive number of street-lurking criminals have taken over parts of the city. Hence, you bring the firepower. Embracing the loot hoarder lifestyle usually attracts a lot of attention, so you’ve got to be prepared for the same form of barbaric robbery to happen to you.

We recommend rallying up a posse of friends to watch your back, though, as you never know who can trust in the ‘Dark Zone’, The Division’s PVP area. Take your friends with you to tackle the increasingly difficult missions from the campaign, which can be played solo or cooperatively with up to three buddies.

The harder the missions, the better the loot. So, keep your finger firmly pressed against the trigger, have your friends defend your backside and become the ultimate loot machine.


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Do you like hurting other people? If so, consider investing some time into Mortal Kombat XL.

Released with all DLC packs and updates, Mortal Kombat XL is the most brutal package you can get your hands on. Classic fighters such as agile, acrobatic Tanya, rock-dude Tremor and repulsive-yet-charming Bo’Rai Cho make a beautiful high-res return.

Also joining the 33-strong roster are Horror film icons Alien, Predator, Leatherface and Jason from Friday the 13th. Each character offers a unique and fully-fledged fighting style, accompanied by extremely violent Fatalities and new Brutalities. Most characters have up to three variations of fighting moves, multiplying the ways in which you can annihilate your friends (or foes…).

The added Brutalities, originally seen in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, add a new level of mockery to victims, only taking place following specific button inputs on near-death opponents. With graphical and gameplay enhancements across the board, Mortal Kombat XL is the epitome of modern day fighting games.

There’s a short cinematic story that looks gorgeous, but it won’t be the reason you stay up late at night; no, that’ll be the infuriating (but rewarding) online game modes. If you thought ‘hard’ AI was annoying, just wait until you meet a pro player on versus. Try not to smash your controller when you rage quit.

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