8 things to keep yourself monsoon ready

Helpful products to keep you and your stuff away from rainy backlash

Monsoons season is here and it's the only time you hate to get wet.

No, not saying we hate the monsoon, we love it. But you shouldn’t let unexpected downpour catch you off guard and ruin your day.

So, we’ve put together eight products that’ll keep you and your tech valuables dry and monsoon-ready.


DICAPAC Waterproof Case (₹1490)

No monkey business here, stop putting your phone inside plastic bags. Your phone deserves more than just being inside a makeshift pouch that is meant to carry paper napkins and cheap shezwan sauce.

Get the DiCAPac WP-C2 waterproof case for your smartphone. It has a guaranteed 5 meter submersible limit, so your phone is safe even if you deep-dive into a Mumbai road puddle.

It’s selling at a discounted price of ₹894 at the time of writing. 

Buy the DICAPAC Waterproof Case from here

Need a new smartphone?

Aquapac Stormproof Messenger Bag (₹7990)

Commuting can be a pain when the rains are lashing like Rajnikant left his tap open (sorry). And you ain’t no Rajni who can tell the clouds to go somewhere else (sorry again). And your sweet laptop isn’t playing Rajnikant movies that it’ll make the raindrops fear and leave your bag alone (Really, sorry).

The Aquapac bag has a removable laptop sleeve designed to protect a standard 15.6-inch laptop computer. The outer shell has a water-resistant zipper and then a rainproof roll-seal and Velcro closure. It’ll definitely resist raindrops like Rajnikant jogging on a rainy day (not sorry).

It’s selling at a discounted price of ₹6392 at the time of writing.

Buy the Aquapac Stormproof Messenger Bag from here.


Wildcraft Unisex Self-Packable Rain Coat (₹1595)

You will definitely look like an idiot wearing it, but you won’t be that idiot who got himself wet. And if you’re any taller than 6.5ft, people might even bow down to your undertaker-like rain coat.

Best thing? It packs into its own pouch so it's easy to carry around and sealed, which seams to prevent water from coming in at the stitches. It's safer than getting chokeslammed by the rain at least.

Buy the Wildcraft Unisex Self-Packable Rain Coat from here


ZAAP 9100mAh waterproof power bank (₹2799)

How many times have you got stuck in a public transport because Rajnikant left his tap open (sorry)? More times than you can count right? Public transports come to a standstill because we still have water clogging all over the map.

Well, not being able to reach home is fine as long as your loved ones know where you’re stuck and your phone doesn’t run out of juice. Carry a powerbank, but make sure that it doesn’t get wet along with the city. So, carry a waterproof one. Never heard of one? Here it is. This 9100mAh capacity ZAAP charger has turbocharging along with a built-in flashlight and handy compass, incase the city get flooded and you need to save the city like Rajnikant (we’re obsessed, sorry).

Buy the ZAAP 9100mAh waterproof power bank from here