7 top tips to make your food photos more mouth-watering

Become the envy of your empty-stomached friends, armed only with a smartphone camera and this essential advice

Scrolling through an Instagram feed filled with tantalising food photos is sheer torture. Especially when you’re nearing lunch hour.

But once the plate is placed before you, chances are your own smartphone is aimed at that mouth-watering breakfast or glistening medium rare steak. After all, the thought of making everyone envious of the feast you’re about to enjoy is almost as satisfying as the moment you taste it.

What’s the trick to making that happen? Glad you asked, because we're going to arm you with the right tips to get that perfect food shot. With the help of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, we went on a food hunt to show you how it’s done.

Main image credit: Il-Young Ko

Photography Tip #1

How do you cram that huge plate - or several of them - into a photo? Don’t be afraid to stand up and take a top-down shot. Heck, if you’re feeling adventurous, step onto a chair to get a better vantage point. That is, if you don't mind attracting curious stares from diners who’ll stop chewing and throw you an amused look while you’re towering above your place setting.

Photography Tip #2

Don't underestimate the background - it makes a whole lot of difference. Take note of your surroundings, because sometimes a little extra snippet could invest the image with more meaning. For example, a shot of just this pot of tea could be quite mundane. Throw in a subtle background reference about enjoying some cake with your cuppa, like the sign does? Now that’s adding value to the shot.

Photography Tip #3

Get up close and personal because, chances are, your smartphone can pull off amazing macro shots. With it, you can capture the juices glistening on this freshly cooked plate of meat. Think about it - how could you resist tucking in after getting such a close-up view? Macros also have the advantage of allowing you to create bokeh - that lovely out-of-focus background effect - far more easily.

Photography Tip #4

Get creative - think of a story that you can tell with your photos. On its own, a picture of this yummy chocolate and banana crepe would have gotten your attention. But a static image isn’t as powerful as this dynamic shot which shows the creative process behind your delicious dessert. After all, offering up a different angle is a great way to secure yourself a few more likes on Instagram.