7 things you need to know about the new Samsung Gear watches

Fitness watches that can take a dipping

Samsung India launched two new fitness wearables for sweat-chasing maniacs.

Both have a gorgeous display and come with the wearable-friendly Tizen OS. Though this time Samsung has given them the water-blocking treatment. Let’s say we’re impressed from what hands-on on time we spent with the watches.

In the meantime, here’s what you need to know about Samsung’s latest watches.


1) A fitness band and a smartwatch for fitness

Knowing what you’re buying and what features you get for your money is probably the biggest reason why Stuff loves writing for you.

The Samsung Gear Sport is a smartwatch that goes heavy on fitness features. It costs ₹22,990 and is similar to the Samsung Gear S3 that we reviewed last year. Though this time Samsung has slashed the prices by cutting down on a few features making it more fitness focused.

Building on last year’s Gear Fit2, the Gear Fit2 Pro is a fitness band that can take more than a few splashes. At ₹13,590 it’s a teeny bit cheaper than its predecessor as well.

We’ll definitely post reviews for the two after we give it a proper Stuff India review treatment.


2) They can take a dunking

This is probably the first time Samsung was late on the waterproofing business, at least for its wearables. Apple did it and now Samsung has caught up.

Improving on last year’s model - this time you won’t be scared to be near a pool, even if it’s 50 meters deep. A host of tracking features including your lap time, lap count and stroke type available for both the watches along with a dedicated Speedo app. With military-grade durability, the Gear Sport can take salty dips as well. Just don’t go below 50 meters on your scuba dives.


3) They’re colourful to look at

Samsung did what Samsung does best - make gorgeous displays. We’ve spent some time with these devices now and the screen is definitely good to look at.

The Samsung Gear Sport has a 1.2inch circular Super AMOLED (360x360) display and the cheaper fitness band has a 1.5inch curved Super AMOLED (216x432) display.

It’s colourful alright, and you don’t need to get all squinty-eyed to look at it under the sun.


4) Storage is 4GB but not really

Unlike smartphones there’s no expandable card slot to relieve you of congested storage space. The smartwatch and the fitness band, both have 4GB in-built storage. That’s more than enough but not when you consider the space taken by the Tizen OS.

From the box out, the Gear Sport has 1.5GB of free space for you to put your apps and music and the Gear Fit2 Pro has 2.1GB of free space. Don’t worry though, most apps on these devices are less than one MB but your workout playlist should be selective here.

5) Unlimited strap customization

There are a host of straps available by Samsung in different colours and materials but the Gear Sport uses standard 20mm pins, so you can literally walk into any watch store and have your watch strap can be changed to your liking.

The Gear Fit2 Pro uses a quick release strap and comes in black and red colours only.


6) Get notified

Here’s a confusing mix but one that we’ve come to love about Samsung’s wearables. The smartwatch and the fitness band nudge you for notifications and call alerts.

You can even reply to text messages using quick responses. Though you cannot pick up calls because neither of them have a built-in speaker, you can cut them if you’re a rebel that way.


7) Tracking and how!

A host of tracking features are slapped onto your wrist for second by second updates of everything you do. You don’t need to carry your smartphone ‘cause both have built-in GPS and storage for music. Just carry a pair of wireless buds.

Running, walking, cycling and swimming being the most active choice of exercises for any fitness bug but Samsung takes it a step ahead. Got a Samsung Smart TV? Hook it up and it will display your stats in real time while you repeat Zumba steps following the pretty lady on television. Samsung says it’s reaching out through indoor fitness routines that urban junkies follow.