7 of the best Apple AirPod alternatives

Ding dong, the wicked wire is dead

While wireless over-ear headphones have been saving us from Tangle Rage™ for some time now, when it comes to really making our lives easier on the go, only the portability of in-ears will do.

The Apple AirPods were not the first of their kind to cut the wires by any means, but their arrival at the end of 2016 did give the in-ear industry a nudge in the right direction. Now there are alternatives everywhere you look.

That can only be a good thing for Android users. While the AirPods will work with Android phones, so much of their functionality is geared towards iOS that we’d argue your money is better spent elsewhere.

Not sure where to start? Read on for a lowdown on some of the best wireless in-ears on the market right now.