7 amazing Kickstarter projects that could change the world


CHIP is the cheapest, tiniest computer ever made. We're talking US$9, and the size of two AA batteries here. Think of CHIP as the puny, nerdy kid often bullied in class, then one day decides he has had enough and snaps.

For the geeks and skeptics, it sports a 1GHz processor, 512MB ram and 4GB storage. It has built-­in Wi-­Fi and Bluetooth, so you can connect to the Internet and attach a keyboard and mouse wirelessly. It runs mainline Linux, and works with any screen too!

Work with CHIP's preinstalled applications, such as LibreOffice to edit spreadsheets, create word documents, or craft presentations. Or Scratch for easy-­to-­learn programming and coding lessons. Hook up Bluetooth­-enabled controllers for games, or a MIDI keyboard for jamming music. CHIP is a little guy ready for bigger things the moment you power it on.

Kickstart CHIP here


HearNotes are about to get the big guys' wires in a tangle by putting the solution to mobile music freedom within reach. HearNotes promises excellent stereo audio, cable- and Bluetooth­-free, landing in the sweet spot between convenience and a premium listening experience.

Just make sure you're wearing those ergonomically­ designed, lightweight earbuds with the transmitter within its 12m range, and you're ready to run, dance and go wild without hindrance. In place of Bluetooth, HearNotes uses KLEER, a technology currently used in the automotive industry and for the first time, in earbuds. Enjoy the true interference­-free, CD­ quality experience.

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