6 things you need to know about Xiaomi’s Mi Home smart living ecosystem

Make everything smart. Everything.

After its huge success in smartphones sales, Xiaomi’s taken a step further by building walls for its smart living ecosystem in India. This ‘ecosystem’ is already thriving in China, but Xiaomi believes India’s ready to turn its four-walled boring home into a living genius.

We’ve already seen its smartphones, TVs, fitness bands, body scales, mini speakers and a wide lifestyle fashion accessory range do very well in India. That’s mainly because of how its products are priced without compromising on quality. After all, we’re all looking for value-for-money products and Xiaomi’s delivering on that promise.

Nevertheless, let’s peep into Xiaomi’s Mi Home to see what’s it got in store.


1) The largest Mi Home

Xiaomi introduced us to its flagship Mi Home in Bangalore, which also happens to be its 50th installation all over the country. They’ve divided the store into two halves - Products available in India and products available in China (not in India, yet).

Customers can walk in and use a range of all Xiaomi products ever made, even if they aren’t officially selling in India. You can get a first-hand experience before you decide to buy something for yourself or for your home.

There you’ll find products like - Notebooks, e-scooters, quadcopters, projectors, kitchen equipment, bedside table tech and other non-smart tech too. It’s a great way to get feedback from customers as to what Xiaomi should launch in India.

2) Mi Band 3 (₹1999)

India’s pacing way faster than expected in getting all healthy and fit. Nowadays, you will spot quite a few people wearing fitness bands or smartwatches. The Mi Band 3 is certainly a much needed upgrade from its previous fitness bands. It’s got a slightly bigger OLED touchscreen to begin with, it’s loaded with a bigger battery and newer tech for better usage and tracking.

You can read more about it over here.

3) Mi TV 4C Pro, 4A Pro and 4 Pro from ₹14,999

Xiaomi refreshes its famous Mi TV lineup with three new variants with an updated PatchWall OS specially designed for Indian homes (with local and global content) and a newer remote with a dedicated Google Assistant voice button so you can order to play anything you wish for. It’s tied up with Jio Cinema, Amazon Prime Video, Hooq and Eros Cinema so your binge never comes to a full stop.Oh, did we mention it’s now backed by Android TV? Finally! You can now install apps from Google Play, stream videos on Youtube, music from Play Music and much more. Need to know more? Click here.

4) Mi Air Purifier 2S (₹8999)

Breathe in, breathe out. Sucks doesn’t it? Wait till you install the Mi Air Purifier 2S into your living room. It’s not that big an upgrade from its predecessor, but this time, it’s got an OLED digital display, a laser particle sensor for better filtration and can purify an average room within 10 minutes. You can also control it using the Mi TV remote or command Alexa or Google Assistant if you feel like. You can start breathing better from here.

5) Mi Security Camera 360 (₹2,699)

Here’s Xiaomi’s cutest watchdog. You can stick it in any corner of your room and keep your house safe from intruders and thieves. It’s got 360° vision so it’s got eyes at all corners with its moving camera. It records in 1080p FullHD and can also guard your home at night using infrared night vision and AI Motion detection. Pretty cool right? You can buy one from here.

6) Mi Luggage (₹2,999)

Before you ask, this is not a smart bag. But hey, it’s a smart looking bag. Meet the Mi Luggage suitcase which comes in two sizes - 20in and 24in in Grey, Blue or Red. It’s made by a German brand Bayer Makrolon, but sold and marketed by Xiaomi.It’s stylish, sturdy, spacious and comes with four wheels underneath for easy dragging or rotating. Frequent flyers will be pleased to know, it’s also TSA approved so no one’s going to harass you if you happen to travel to the States or Europe. You can buy one from here.

What else should you know?

This is just the start for Xiaomi’s ecosystem to pave a path into Indian homes. We expect a bunch of its smart home products to make its entrance into India very soon, but we got to wait for that to happen.

In other news, we got to witness and congratulate Xiaomi for holding the Guinness World Record for building the largest light mosaic logo (about 10k bulbs) on top of its office in Bangalore.

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