5 things you need to know about Mahindra’s new XUV 500 facelift

A budget friendly SUV loaded with tech

Mahindra SUVs have always had a certain edge in the market, and on the roads as well with their quirky design and mouth watering price points.

They introduced the XUV 500 in the Indian market all the way back in 2011 and then made minor tweaks in 2015. After three years, it's back with a major facelift for 2018. The new plush XUV 500 isn't just redesigned from the outside, but it's undergone a little inner treatment, so that it looks and feels good on the inside too. With the heat rising in the cities, car competitors like Hyundai’s Creta, Tata’s Hexon and Jeep’s Compass have brought their A-game to fit right in the SUV market. Mahindra’s come reloaded with new ammo and doesn’t consider itself as a newbie in this ballpark, so looks like they've got their foot on the gas and head on wheel to show them who's boss.

So, what all has the new XUV 500 got in store? Here are 5 things you need to know:

1) Not just a boring looking SUV anymore

Mahindra’s XUV 500 is more like a SUV of its own, it's all in the name. That being said, the XUV 500 brings about many changes which make this SUV look a little more sophisticated and modern at the same time. The major change is the front grille with chrome inserts making the car look grumpy and shiny from the front. The LED DRL lamps at the front and at the tail makes it look mature and contemporary.

Another head turner are those 18” diamond alloy wheels making the XUV look shiny and bold. Mahindra’s being sporty as always by adding a spoiler at the rear, twin exhausts for the looks and going a little overboard with the chrome lining all over the car. It’s all about the look.


2) Bring on those road trips

You usually buy an SUV for two reasons, either for making those long distance road trips helping you ease out the driving strain and ensuring better safety, or because you just want to have a better view from the top to see how the traffic is doing up front. You may disagree, but either way, the XUV now has better performance, thanks to the mHawk 2.2L turbocharged engine which churns out a might 155hp and 360Nm of torque with a six-speed transmission. It’s got five diesel variants (W5,W7,W8,W9 and W11), an one petrol variant for the gasoline lovers. There’s even an option to get yourself an All-Wheel-Drive variant for those bumpy expeditions on rough terrains. Does Mumbai count? We think so.


3) It will pamper you with comfort

Some of us actually do care how the car looks from the inside, but there’s a ton of us, especially us geeks, who only care what the car can do on the inside. The XUV 500 is loaded with a lot tech and comfort making the driver and the passenger feel well connected and pampered. It comes with premium tan leather seats and a leather dashboard with a piano black centre console which adds to the elegance and neatness of the cabin. If you happen to look on the top, which you might, it’s got an electric sunroof with a anti-pinch, but you’ll happen to find that in a few models only. It's also netted with safety options with six airbags around the car (if deployed emergency is automatically called), Hill descent and Hill Hold control and ABS.


4) It’s filled to the brim with tech and coolness

The XUV 500 won’t ever let you feel disconnected from the world, thanks to its smartwatch connectivity with each car, which makes Mahindra the first to feature this in the Indian auto industry. Users have an option to either choose from an Apple Watch or Android Wear for Android Auto. You can control the temp, switch radio stations or music, check the tyres, and much, much more.

The control centre on the dashboard is equipped with Android Auto so you don't have to pull out your phone for every call, message or directions. There will be pre-installed apps like Gaana, Cricket Live, Zomato, BookMyShow, and a lot more to feed your entertainment hunger.

Oh, and talking about Music, the 18cm infotainment system on the dashboard is planted with Arkamys Sound System to please your ears and make driving happier. It also lets drivers check car vitals, stats, Ecosense technology for fuel consumptions and CO2 emissions, tire-tronics, reverse parking with dynamic assist and all kinds of smartness, making the driver and the car ready for the future.


5) It gives you all this for a pretty price

Even though roads are filled with traffic and cut-throat competition, brands have not yet stopped manufacturing because the buyers still have their pockets full of cash and demands full of needs.

Nevertheless, you can hurry up to the Mahindra showroom or here and get yourself the new Mahindra XUV 500 starting from 12.3 lacs (ex-showroom) which climbs up all the way up to 18 lacs for the top-of-the-line variant.

Why don't you give us sometime, while we take the XUV for a Stuff India treatment on Mumbai’s dusty and bumpy roads? Review coming soon. Stay tuned folks.