5 things you need to know about Lenovo’s 2018 ThinkPad line-up

A 13 pronged attack from 13 new ThinkPads

Looking for a convenient little computing device that’s powerful enough to load programmes quickly and versatile enough to be carelessly handled in day-to-day use? There’s only one series, the Lenovo Thinkpad, and the 2018 iterations are here to take back their crown from newer competition as the most business-tastic laptops out there.

Although fresh out of the factory, the new ThinkPads show tons of promise, but will they be able to compete with the likes of Dell, HP and Apple, who in recent years have dominated the power user market?

Here are five things we learnt about the 2018 Lenovo ThinkPads as we covered their launch.

1) A lot of stuff to choose from

The 2018 lineup from Lenovo is absolutely vast. It would seem there is a ThinkPad laptop out there for everyone, with variations in budget and form factors. Now this may get a bit complicated, but try to keep up and we might just get through this with our minds in one piece. ThinkPad laptops have been introduced across three model ranges which include the X, T and L series, along with the updated X1 series. The X1 series is obviously the one with all the bell and whistles which include the X1 Carbon and the X1 Yoga convertible laptops starting at ₹1,21,000 and ₹1,26,000 respectively. The X1 laptops boast a world’s first Dolby Vision HDR display. The X series and T series are a rung under the X1 series with exceptional battery life and ruggedness. The L series offers the most value, with with 8th-gen Intel processors and optional AMD graphics.

2) Security? Check

ThinkPads have always been known for security and this time it’s is no different. Lenovo has upped the ante with its 2018 range. Some models of the ThinkPad range feature a physical webcam cover for camera security, christened ThinkShutter. An old school, unhackable solution, very reminiscent of those god awful sticky tapes we use. They also introduced an eye tracking function wit the IR camera that prevents people from snooping while the user is away. A new fingerprint sensor module stores the fingerprint data on a dedicated hardware unit under the sensor which helps keep the information secure without software intervention. Like always, Lenovo does not hold back when it comes to security.

3) The Price is right

In a brilliant move, Lenovo aims to target every segment of the market when it comes to budget. It ensures that there is a ThinkPad in every budget and deserves a spot in the mind of a buyer while considering a business focused laptop. But are they worth it? In a word, yes. The reliability and ease of operation provided by a ThinkPad is a notch above the rest. Especially with that signature ThinkPad TrackPoint. The build quality, the legendary ruggedness, and security offered by a ThinkPad definitely justifies the price in our opinion.

4) More powerful than ever before

The entire range of Lenovo’s 2018 ThinkPads are fitted with Intel’s 8th Gen processors that offer more cores and a helluva lot more power. Add to that the speed that the nvMe SSDs and the LPDDR3 RAM lend, and these laptops are capable of obliterating almost any heavy task you throw at them. These laptops make us wonder how good the 9th-gen processors would be if the current 8th-gen ones are that good.

5) A stiff competition

Having a ThinkPad at multiple price points means having more competition. It’s just simple math, or is it marketing? (never mind). The extra competition though, is probably not much to be worried about. Lenovo does have a superb product to show for it. At the top of the range, we have the MacBook Pro’s, that does have its own plus points, but lacks sorely in toughness and we can all agree the keyboards on any ThinkPad takes the cake wherever it may be. At the bottom, the competition may be tough enough to take the strain of everyday use but misses out on the much needed security features and again there is the keyboard issue. Have we made it clear how good the keyboard is yet? Not to mention the added flexibility from the Yoga variants, and you are left with an all round package that blows the competition out of the water.