5 things you need to know about the Jio Phone

It costs ₹0… well, not practically

Jio has got all other telecom network providers losing their sleep over the bombardment of free data.

In a little less than a year, it has managed to grow a customer base of 125million people all over India and now with Jio Phone, the company is set to bridge the gap between feature phones and smartphones.

Offering smartphone-like features to its latest Jio Phone, the company aims to capture 50 crore feature phone users. We still have no word on the tech specs of the phone but we know what Mr.Ambani has planned for Jio users. Even if you own a smartphone, you’ll be happy to own this burner phone.


It’s free…

Yes. The Jio Phone will be available for an effective price of ₹0. That term ‘effective’ here is more phoney than the 2G scam but we know what it means.

The phone will cost ₹1,500 which will be completely refunded after three years. Make sure you keep that bill safe for three years. Pre-orders begin from 24th August and will go on sale from September on first come first served basis.

Appily ever after

The strongest reason to use a Jio SIM is the loads of apps that it comes with: free music, TV and movies. How can you say no to that? Looks like the Jio Phone will be no exception either.

After all, the Jio Phone is a 4G VoLTE phone. So it will support Jio apps like Jio Cinema, Jio Music and Jio TV.


Shut up and take my money

Jio is charging ₹153 per month capped at 500Mb per day after which the speed drops.

Free calling and SMS is like a standard protocol for Jio, so naturally that's included in your pack. If 153 is too much then there’s also 24 (for two days) and 54 (for one week) sachets available.

It’s like Christmas over at the business centre of Jio or maybe a very clever marketing scheme. Whatever it is, we’re simple creatures. We see free and we flock towards it.


Wireless payments

Mr. Ambani says that Jio shares the same vision as Prime Minister Modi. So now even you need to keep in touch with the Prime Minister, hence the Mann ki baat app is directly loaded onto the phone.

Speaking of keeping in touch, the phone has NFC and can be used to make one tap payments from your bank or card. Sweet. NFC on a feature phone is truly a smart feature. Let’s hope more local places start accepting cashless payments.

TV casting?

We know the Jio Phone works on voice commands and also has 22 major languages from India.

The voice commands will not tackle the likes of Siri and Google but it will definitely let you pen down your texts using speech. Better option when you don’t have a QWERTY keyboard.

Also, with a pack of ₹309 per month you can stream Jio services on your TV using an accessory called Jio Phone TV-Cable. The cable will allow you your Jio Phone content on any TV, even CRT TVs to enjoy Jio content.

You can only use up to 3-4 hours of streaming content per day, but it all boils down to your net pack.

We’ll try to get our hands on the phone and do a full review when the phone goes out to Beta testers on 15th August.