5 things you need to know about the IONEX electric solution by KYMCO

It’s not just a scooter, it’s an entire ecosystem!

Ah, electricity. The fuel of the future.

It’s what every brand with an inkling of automotive expertise is harping on about. We’ve seen EVs (electric vehicles) in all shapes and sizes and they’re a remarkable showcase of the energy solution’s endless possibilities. Yet, there still remains one massive chink in its armour. Power struggles continue to plague the EV evolution and today we’re going to discuss its cure.

Meet KYMCO. Largest scooter manufacturer in Taiwan and the fifth largest one in the world. With credentials as rock solid as those, we expect it to be just what the doctor ordered. The brand’s ambitions to fix the flaws within the technology’s ecosystem are enough for us to sit up and take notice. In fact, we flew down to the its home town in Taiwan to witness what could very well be the birth of the EV energy of tomorrow and the vehicle of choice for the showcase is the IONEX electric scooter...

1. It looks suhweet!

You can immediately identify an EV over its gas-guzzling counterpart by its edgy electric chic design. The IONEX does it one better by combining the classic retro style of a Vespa with modern tech bits to boot. The end result is a sumptuous treat for the senses. Wrapped in a glossy white suit, it’s a regal little machine. Fire it up and the fully digital centre console displays the brand’s Noodoe interface.

Pop the seat open and you’ll be looking at what seems like a well in comparison to traditional street trotters. Where’s all that space come from and where’s the bloody engine? Turns out KYMCO’s packed the floorboard of the scooter with all the juice it needs. Not only does this improve the vehicles COG (Centre of gravity), it opens up storage spaces like you’ve never seen before.

2. It’s a certified smartie

That Noodoe interface we mentioned earlier is good for Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone for all kinds of info like navigation and notifications. You can even have the beloved bae on your screen earning you extra brownie points. All its smarts don’t just end there. How it opens wide for its dose of daily juice is as awesome as it is advanced.

Simply pick up the light and compact (just 5kg) battery by its comfortable handle and bump it on the NFC enabled floorboard. A light touch opens the energy bay for easy placement. Wish to open up the bay for a quick recharge? A push of a button pops it right open allowing you to remove the battery just as easily.

3. It’s a champ at charging

While the energy bay stores two batteries, there’s a third internal core battery as well. What that means is while your external batteries charge, you can still get a quick runabout for chores and such. Later, you can simply pick up your fully charged battery at your convenience.

Wondering how the internal core battery stays fully charged at all times? It simply yet smartly draws power from the removable ones. The IONEX automatically selects the optimal battery to charge the core battery. This intelligent communication across all batteries ensures they work together seamlessly. All you have to worry about, is the riding.

4. It’s backed by an amazing charging architecture

Any individual considering an EV purchase is well aware of woes like range anxiety. KYMCO plans to blow up these roadblocks by bolstering a Charge Point Network. Conveniently placed Charge Points will allow riders to hand over their batteries for a full charge. These Points promise to juice up your device in an hour.

You’ll even have the option for an Extra Battery Rental. Planning a long road trip? You can simply tuck extra juice under the seat for maximum range. With three batteries under your floorboard and three in the boot, you’ve now stretched range to an astonishing 200km in total. That’s more than you’ll need for most tasks.

5. It shares the charging load with willing participants

KYMCO’s idea of the ultimate solution for all charging related chores is the IONEX Energy Station. A standalone structure with multiple charging bays for IONEX batteries certainly sounds solid. Think of it as a vending machine that dispenses juice of the EV kind. Extreme flexibilities allows the brand to place these across various public locations with ease.

Better still, it serves as a swapping platform for multiple vehicle brands. With open IPs, KYMCO allows various brands to build their own batteries that’ll find homes in these charging stations. Incentivising the whole experience by taking the infrastructure load off all EV makers sure sounds like a recipe for success.

Think all that’s ambitious? KYMCO plans to roll out all its EV solutions to 20 countries in the next 3 years via 10 electric models. Now if that isn’t going for green glory, we really don’t know what is.