5 major changes coming to your Facebook profile

All new ways for people to judge you

Your Facebook profile says a lot about you. And now it wants to say even more.

Want to find out about someone? Easy, just check him out on Facebook, you don't even have to speak to him. And now there are even more ways to manipulate people's perception of you. Facebook is slowly rolling these changes out, so don't be disappointed if you don't see them happening for you yet. You can always use this time to strategise for your new and improved profile. 

Video is the new photo

Instead of profile pictures, you get profile videos instead. Soon you will get the chance to upload a 7-second video that will play out as a unending loop of you. Yes, there’s finally a use for those front-facing Live Photos you’ve been taking on your new iPhone once support for it rolls in.

Take centre stage

Your profile pic is now front and centre, instead of being sidelined in the good old days. It is all about you on Facebook after all right? It is the one place where it's perfectly acceptable to make it all about you. 

Describe yourself

How do you sum up your life in 100 words? The pressure to be witty and succinct has never been greater. Apart from your display photo, people now have words to judge you by. But don’t worry, you’ve probably gotten enough practice writing a summary of yourself on Instagram, Twitter, and Tinder.

Five more photos

Your lone display photo doesn’t have the ability to showcase your multi-faceted personality. Tinde- oops, we mean Facebook will let you pin five other photos to the top so people have the chance to admire the one time you went skydiving or when you petted tigers.

Never mind that you live a largely sedentary life normally, hanging out on Facebook in reality...

Privacy matters

Of course, all these new features come with the option of privacy controls. Because you don’t want your family members to see those photos of your binge-drinking weekend in Thailand, or your professional acquaintances to see what you get up to after work.

You decide which elements of your revamped Facebook profile shows up to people Facebook-stalking you.