5 best streaming content curation services

When you know it’s there but don’t know where

Let’s face some hard facts here. This lockdown has us binging more than ever. And we all know that feeling of emptiness when you have just completed all the seasons of this amazing show you started two days ago and now you have no idea what to do next and what to do with your life going forward. 

The best solution to try out before things start to spiral out of control is to just pick a different show to start and immerse yourself in. The only problem with that is the sheer number of streaming platforms available to the people and the division of content amongst them.

If you are a subscriber to more than one of these VOD services, you know the pains of looking up content across those multiple platforms, especially since they don't play nice with each other. But what if they did play nice and you could get recommendations for things you might like from all the platforms in one spot. Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, we have just that for you with this one!



This is one of the best content curation engines out there, featuring a slick interface and a plethora of streaming services. Not only does it boast the major ones like Netflix and Prime Video, but it also covers new and lesser used streaming services like Hooq, Voot, Viu, Zee5, Eros Now, Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Mubi  and a ton of others. 

It also lets you know the different resolutions the content is available in, on a particular platform, and you can also connect it to your TV from your phone and take the viewing experience to the big screen.

JustWatch does not play the content natively with the app itself but jumps to the Play page of the service that hosts the content you want to play.

You can get it on the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.



Flixjini is a new app that does some content sommelier-ing for you. And new it may be, but that does not stop it from being a powerful content curation tool. Again, like most curation engines on this list, Flixjini supports the major streaming services and also services like Viki, Alt Balaji, Tata Sky, Shemaroo and MX Player.

The Android App is not as well laid out like JustWatch just yet, but it has a fascinating organisation system and tons of filters to shortlist and get you to your favourite shows. It is also extremely good at recommending things you might like thanks to a built-in discovery tool that includes an AI driven content classification and recommendation system that suggests content based on personal tastes. 

You can get it on the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.


Let’s head slightly away from curators of VOD streaming services. We know not everyone is okay with the comfort and convenience of watching things whenever they please and not stick to the stringent schedules maintained by the networks, not to mention those annoying ads! Just kidding! It’s totally cool if you wanna watch things the old-fashioned way. Some say it makes for a good family bonding experience, and we can't argue with that. And we are going to make that more convenient for you as well! Presenting Sensy, a DTH TV guide that shows you the schedule for the programmes in the day for all the channels provided by your DTH service provider; it also shows you the programmes that are live on all the channels. So say goodbye to switching through the channels to find something to your liking. All you have to do is download the app, select your DTH service provider and browse through the things on TV at the moment and throughout the day right from your smartphone. It also curates some content for VOD services, but it’s a bit limited compared to the other entries on our list.


If you’re the kinda person who has subscribed to a whole bunch of streaming services – and when we say a whole bunch of streaming services, we mean like all of them – then Reelgood is a great option to go for. And we here at Stuff won’t judge you for all the TV you watch. Maybe you are a movie critic and need to keep up to date. The point is – no judgement.

What makes Reelgood such a good option is the sheer number of streaming services it can support along with access to cable and satellite TV subscriptions. This would probably ensure an endless flow of new entertainment you can immerse yourself into and never see the light of day for the next few lifetimes (if you believe in reincarnation, that is... ).


Stremio is the one-stop-shop for all your video entertainment needs. Literally! It’s available on pretty much all platforms, including Linux. Basically, it makes sure that you are entertained no matter what device you are using and whether you are subscribed to any streaming services or not. The app has addons that can be used to stream content right from torrent sites in case the content you are looking for is not available on any of your legal subscriptions. Of course, it goes without saying that we would not recommend doing it as we do not condone piracy, but we had to include it on our list for its multi-platform compatibility and software features you can't find anywhere else.