5 of the best Sonos accessories

Pimp your multiroom with these excellent add-ons

Whether you’ve just bought your first Sonos speaker or are something of a multiroom veteran, you’ll already know why it’s one of our favourite ways to listen to music.

Simply put, Sonos is awesome, giving you effortlessly easy access to your tunes wherever you are in your house, with barely a wire in sight. 

But what if you could make it even better? We’ve pulled together a stellar range of accessories and add-ons that will make the perfect +1s to your Sonos party. You’re welcome.

Sonos Boost

₹ 11,999

In a list of Bad Things Which Can Happen In The Home, network dropouts and blackspots are behind only 'I've just stood on a plug' and 'I've just moved in next door to KRK'. 

That's particularly so if you have a Sonos setup, because if your home network is flaky, your Sonos experience will be too. To put a stop to stutters, invest in a Sonos Boost – a Wi-Fi extender that’ll spread your Sonos sound to areas of your home your router has forgotten about.

It works by creating an exclusive wireless network just for your Sonos kit, meaning its performance won’t be hampered by other Wi-Fi goings on around the house. Just hook it up to your router via its Ethernet port and enjoy a seamless listening session. We can't do anything about the KRK problem though.

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Audio Technica AT-LP5


Vinyl is obviously enjoying a huge resurgence right now, with the likes of Sainsbury's selling classic albums by the shedload and companies such as Crosley getting a whole new generation into the joys of record players. Though we do wish Millennials would stop calling records 'vinyls'. 

Sonos may appear to be about as far from the analogue age as it's possible to get, but actually you can integrate vinyl into your setup, with a little help from the Audio Technica AT-LP5.

The AT-LP5 is a great-sounding turntable with a trick up its sleeve – it has a built-in phono stage, so it’s more plug and play than many. Simply hook it up to a Sonos player with an aux input - the Play:5, Connect or Connect:Amp will do the trick - then stick on your favourite record. Hey presto! Your vinyl is now playing through your Sonos speaker. Even better, you can then throw that sound to any other Sonos components in your house just as you would with your digital tunes.

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Portta HDMI switch

Want 5.1 surround sound in your living room? Sonos could be the answer. 

If you’ve got a Playbar or Playbase fuelling your TV sound you can add a Sub plus four Play:1s (or Play:3s or Play:5s) for a full Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound shebang. Or at least you can you if your TV is up to the job.

The (potential) problem is that PlayBars and PlayBases only have an optical input - not HDMI. Some TVs, particularly older ones, only output audio via HDMI, while others do have an optical audio output but only of the 2.0 channel variety.

The solution is is an HDMI switch such as this one from Amazon. Plug your various set-top boxes, games consoles and the like into it, then send that audio over to your PlayBar and you’ll get the 5.1 sound you’ve paid the big bucks for. 

Flexson floor stands


Sonos speakers look great on their own, but you can give them a proper hi-fi vibe with the Flexson floor stands for the Play:1. As well as making something of a design statement, they're also the ideal way to turn your Play:1s into convincing home cinema rear speakers, getting them at just the right height to deliver that surround sound magic dust.

There are wall-mount stands, too, if you're really ambitious, and Flexon also makes similar stands for the Play:3 and Play:5.

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from ₹10,802(converted)

File this one firmly under TBC, but Trajectio is a rather cool looking Kickstarter project that allows you to program your Sonos music (and smart lighting such as Philips Hue) to follow you around the house.

Just plug in the main Trajectio unit, set up your zones with motion sensors and you’re ready to go. No need to dive into the Sonos app every time you enter a room either – it’ll pick up where you left off automatically.