Chances are, you’ve already got this beauty installed on your Android device. If not, what are you waiting for? Google’s mapping app is the best around, with excellent routing by car, public transport, or bike/foot. But it’s more than just a massive map. You get Street View for nosing around selected spots (including national monuments – and a TARDIS, if you can find it) by way of panoramas, fast access to information about local amenities and entertainment, and an offline mode. That last one enables you to save a chunk of a map to your device, using it as a turn-by-turn driving aid even when you’ve no internet connection.

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Google Maps might be the best mapping app around, but if you find yourself immersed in a massive city, you might want something a bit more focussed. Citymapper is all about zipping about by the best modes of transport possible, and dozens of cities are supported.

It figures out where you are and plugs into all available transit information, enabling you to rapidly plan journeys via train, bus, bike, or ferry. Journey overviews enable you to compare how many calories or bucks you’ll burn, along with discovering which are ‘rain safe’, and those that’ll require you to hang around for ages before getting going.

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This one’s ideal for weather geeks and anyone who just wants to know whether walking the dog will result in them getting drenched. Select a location and the app flings data into a bunch of tiles you can shuffle about, depending on your needs.

Current conditions (temperature; local rainfall map; conditions) always stay at the top along with a day/hour/summary forecast; below those, you can delve into dew points, a lovely sunrise/sunset animation, air quality details, and local webcams for when you don’t believe the app and someone’s annoyingly painted over your windows.

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If you're putting yourself through a fitness grind alone, this virtual back-patter will help spur you on. It tracks all your runs, walks and rides, then does the maths to tell you (and the entire world via social media) how many calories you've burnt, how far you've gone and generally how heroic you've been over the past week or so. The in-app purchase model keeps it all nice and tidy too, so even in the basic free format it's a very neat app to use. 

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If you’ve piled on the flab, it can nonetheless be a drag working up the enthusiasm to slog along local streets in trainers that have seen better days. But you can spice up running/jogging/hobbling (depending on your competence) with Zombies, Run!

It’s more or less a post-apocalyptic Walking Dead-style scenario smashed into Runkeeper, sending you out on vital missions that rather suspiciously always involve running. Periodically, zombies will show up, and unless you up your pace, they’ll tear your face off – a handy motivator. Want more structure? Take a look at the built-in training plans.

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Living in a generation where everything is interconnected and that helps us live without much hassle. Not forgetting, the use of physical cash has reduced by great amount and now we’re all dependent on credit cards or payment gateway apps like Google Pay and Paytm, all thanks goes to technology.

Here’s an app which helps you insure your expensive gadgets, wallet and other belongings when you’re busy globe-trotting. Suppose you happen to lose your backpack while you’re busy shopping, all you need to do is claim your lost goods and manage it right from the app itself. If you need human assistance, you can chat with experts right from there. So if you’re the clumsy kind and planning your next trip, be sure to insure your favourite gadgets so that you don’t end up hating yourself for losing it. That’s if you do.

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