4 upcoming Apple Arcade games to drive away the lockdown blues

Play yourself out of boredom

There are days when the pandemic and the lockdown can feel like they will never end. Thankfully, many of us can bank on gaming to help escape this harsh reality. 

Almost on cue, Apple has announced four upcoming games for Arcade that will no doubt help you get over lockdown blues. Read on to find out about these upcoming titles.

Legends of Kingdom Rush

Those looking to escape this world, what better way to do that than a fantasy RPG. Legends of Kingdom Rush offers just that by transporting you to the virtual Kingdom. Though it is being ruled by the tyrant Dark Army, you and your band of heroes can embark on a journey to save it. The game offers over 100 stories taking you through various terrains like forests, mountains and wastelands. Players can choose from five heroes, like the paladin Gerald Lightseeker or the assassin Asra Daggerfall. Your entourage will include 11 companion heroes from various classes like forest ranger, bombardier, dark knight, and more.

Frenzic: Overtime

Few of us miss going to the office, but if you’re one of those who do, then this is the closest you will get to experiencing that atmosphere again without stepping out of your homes. Frenzic: Overtime is the sequel to original Frenzic that debuted over a decade back on the App Store. The game has players working as a robot assembling power cores for the new ZAPBOTs. This arcade game features over 45 levels with multiple gameplay modes and hundreds of mini-goals. Achieve your targets, and see yourself being promoted to more rewarding positions on the assembly line.

Leo’s Fortune

Apple’s bringing the best of the App Store from 2014 to the Arcade. Leo’s Fortune is a side-scrolling platform adventure game, where you control the protagonist Leo as he embarks on a quest to recover the stolen family gold. The game features beautifully designed levels and fast-paced action as you solve puzzles and overcome challenges to collect coins strewn throughout the levels.


Another one from the App Store archives is INKS, which is also a previous Apple Design Award winner. This is a pinball game with an artsy twist, and over 100 tables to play on. While the overall concept remains similar to the classic pinball game, there are paint-filled edges that splatter as the ball hits them. Depending on how you hit the ball, every player can potentially create unique looking artwork. 

Apple Arcade recently boosted its library with 30 new titles, taking the total to over 180 games. A host of games also got updates including Butter Royale, Star Trek: Legends, The Survivalists, The Otherside, and Survival Z among others.