4 reasons why you should visit Gamer Connect by Nvidia

Latest games running on the best hardware, pure gaming bliss under one roof!

Nothing showcases supremacy like a PC gamer. Have you seen one?

You might find them snooping around monitors criticizing frames. Sticking their heads inside a PC cabinet like an aimless millennial next to a fridge. Some of these creatures even have an uncanny resemblance to a cat, except they chase shiny RGB products instead of a laser pointer.

Oh, you’re one? Then Nvidia’s Gamer Connect is the perfect place to find your fodder. Flooding with the best gaming hardware in the industry, jaw-dropping PC rigs and of course, tons of new games to get your hands on.

Here are four reasons why you should visit Nvidia’s Gamer Connect.

1) Latest hardware

Is there something wrong with your current gaming rig? Probably not. But chances are that it’s not equipped with the best in terms of gaming hardware.

Gamer Connect is a cool place to explore the other dimensions of gaming. Finding new and interesting things that can transform your gaming experience. A casual stroll along the place will feed you with eye-chasing RGB setups, top-end GPUs and CPUs, latest cabinets, 4K triple monitor setups and much more.

You can game on each and every one of them so you have a hands-on experience of what the machines are capable of and a better understanding of where to empty your bank account.

2) Kickass gaming rigs

Gamer Connect is nothing short of candyland for a PC gaming enthusiast. Never seen a liquid cooled system before? Don’t worry, after Gamer Connect you’ll get dreams of fondling with one.

There are so many variations in terms of design, size and configurations that we even saw a PC dressed like a buggy from PUBG. No kidding. And it was water cooled, duh.

It’s a sweet spot for anyone looking for serious customizing or just experiencing and learning about these impressive builds that make consoles look like a dull pizza box (PS4).

4) Freebies and competitions

Yes, we love free stuff. Who doesn’t! But it’s not just about random caps and posters around Gamer Connect. No sir.

Stick around for awhile and big brands like Dell, Corsair, Cooler Master, LG and even Nvidia themselves host a couple of easy peasy competition that reap big benefits.

Ya, put that on your resume next time to hop onto the next job.