3 things you need to know about Deltin’s World Gaming Festival

You feeling lucky punk?

Six years after the first World Gaming Festival, Deltin is back, and this time, it promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

What has Deltin got in store for us at their five day extravaganza throughout all of their properties? We are here to give you the low-down on what conspired at the Deltin World Gaming Festival event.



Do you long for the Las Vegas style gaming experience? Do you have an insatiable desire to test your luck against the best players in the games of chance? The Deltin World Gaming Festival is the place to be. Choose from an array of international and local games like Poker, Rummy, Roulette, Baccarat, Indian Flush and Andar Bahar. You can visit any of Deltin’s floating casinos - the Deltin Royale, Deltin JAQK and Deltin Caravela - all three of which are anchored at Goa’s serene river, with over a thousand gaming positions combined. Participate in the tournament between November 30th and December 4, 2017, to compete with the best.



If you don't wanna leave your winning to chance and have enough skill to beat the pros at e-games, Deltin hosts Avatar, a video game festival from 15th to 17th  December at The Deltin Daman. Get a chance to win a sizable sum of ₹50,000 for every tournament you win in games like FIFA 18, Tekken 7, Counter Strike and Dota 2.



Sometimes though, you just want to sit back, relax and sip on a relaxing pinacolada. And you definitely can’t have that with the stress and suspense of the games. Deltin has your back when it comes to ultimate relaxation. The Deltin properties offer opulent luxury, world class entertainment and international cuisine, making it one of the most happening places even if you are just there to spectate.